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How to become a Bike Guru !?!??

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  • How to become a Bike Guru !?!??

    Hey guys this is my first post in this forum. I have one major concern. I own a Yamaha SS 125 ( Gladiator ) that is almost 1.5 yrs old now. Till the free service coupons were available, i was servicing it in the yamaha showroom. But after the free service period got over , giving it for service to the yamaha showroom became pretty costly. moreover those guys took too much time to service the bike. So i was thinking whether i could give my bike to a local mechanic. But the problem is that i am very possessive about my bike and i dont give it to anyone at all. So if at all i give it to the local mechanic will it be safe ? Will he do it properly and is it advisable ?

    Also one more thing is that i want to know more about my bike and its working et all. I want to able to perform any minor repair on my own. So where can i read those off the internet. Is it available on the internet ?!

    Hari !!

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      Its but natural for us bike lovers to be a little possesive about our beloved steed.
      I too feel the same way but you can take some precautions while you give your bike
      for servicing at a showroom.
      1).As i always do never let your bike out of your sight. Press the showroom guys to
      let then watch as your bike is being catered to & most of the time they will.

      2).Regarding learning to repair your bike - that you can do by watching the service center guys & then practicing them later on.
      Although you will not be as swift & adept at start but both of it will come gradually.

      3).If you have a charming personality then you can persuade the service center guys to teach you few tricks of the trade & you can always pay to learn .

      4). As to the question of becoming a "guru" is concernd i think the moderators here are well qualified to answer that as i myself am a novice.

      Hope i answered some of your questions.Also remember evrrything can be learnt by practice & a motorbike is no exception yo this rule afterall -
      " We humans created the bike & we sure can learn it again to do so"