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Is Michelin Sirac Street Worth Buying

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  • Is Michelin Sirac Street Worth Buying

    I was full confident before buying Michelin tyres for my RX135 front & rear. I am already using Michelin M45 on the front, Since its been more than 3 years and grip seems to be less, I wanted to go for a new one. I was very much satisfied with M45 performance for its smoothness and grip. So I recommended this brand to many members also. But 2 weeks back after buying MIchelin Sirac Street 3.00x 18 52P for rear, I am not at all happy with the performance. Tyre seems to slip even on dry Tarmac road. My Old MRF tyre which was 4 years old was not having this issue. I am not confident on applying hard braking on the rear. Need to check on a wet surface, But I doubt it will be more slippery.Quality seems to be degraded. I am thinking of a different brand for the front.

    Did anyone notice this issue who is using Michelin Sirac Street?
    Happy & Safe Riding to All

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    Query approved.
    (Been There Done That) x 3.25


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      I have been using Michelin Sirac 120/90 as rear tyre in my Pulsar 200 since last three years. And believe me, the drastic improvement over stock MRF Zapper C grip increased my confidence while handling turns, going at high speeds , even on wet roads.


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        Michelin Sirac is not the same tyre as Michelin's Sirac Street Aytas . The OP is speaking about the Sirac Street model .


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          My bad. Sorry for that.