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Pulsar NS200 Fluctuating RPM at Idle

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  • Pulsar NS200 Fluctuating RPM at Idle

    I have a pulsar NS200 BS4 model. The Idle RPM is set at around 1,400 but it keeps fluctuating between 1400-1600 RPM, even when I am not touching the throttle, the RPMneedle is not stable even for a second. Can someone tell me what's wrong? Is it due to issue with Spark Plug or Carburettor?

    Note: I bought it in Sept-2019, from March 2020 it wasn't being used due to lockdown, in August it was used for 20 Kms, and after that, I have started using it from this month.
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      I have a friend who also owns BS4 NS200, he also complains about fluctuating rpm. Does your bike start in 1 self (crank) when cold? or do you have to keep starter held for longer? Does the engine stay alive after that or do you have to give throttle to prevent it from going off? All I suspect is bad carburettor tuning, I assume you have completed your first service, svc mechanics must have fiddled with it. Next time when posting a query related to engine always mention kms covered on odo, it helps.
      Your petrol could be one of the cause of problems since petrol also goes bad when kept for long. I would say empty your fuel tank and use this petrol in any other old 2 wheeler you would be having, like a scooter. NS200 has Duke's engine it needs good quality petrol. Try starting the bike on fresh petrol and ride for 10 kms atleast then next day see if rpm fluctutates when cold and that it starts easily. If it still fluctuates(both hot and cold engine) then only you need carb tuning.


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        I think ns200 has Fuel Injection system, this is after effects of lockdown. Fuel injection vehicle need clean fuel as it has oxygen sensor. So clean the fuel system and most importantly replace the fuel filter.