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Honda Hornet 2.0 handlebar risers

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  • Honda Hornet 2.0 handlebar risers

    Hi, I just bought a Honda Hornet 2.0 motorcycle and now wish to install handlebar risers (atleast 2 inches) to make the riding posture completely upright, cause that is what I prefer for leisure cruising on the highway.

    Finding the risers is not a problem, in fact I already have them from my older bike, however the 2 throttle cables, the clutch cable and the front brake cable feel a little stretched with even 1 inch risers and cannot take any more stretching.

    Can anyone please suggest where can I find longer cables for my motorcycle in Delhi? I went to Golden bikes and PGX motorcycle accessories shops in Karol Bagh area and although they have risers of all types, they don't have any long cables, or cable extenders.

    Any recommendations on who can do the job for me in Delhi NCR? thanks

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