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Need assistance who can rectify the bike problem

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  • Need assistance who can rectify the bike problem

    Hello guys, I need help with my Dominar 400.

    I am located in Pune
    I recently change my bike tyres, change my bike chain sprocket & change clutch plates at Karve Road Bajaj service centre but I had very bad service. After changing all these my bike should be as good as new but its the worst then before.

    I have kept my bike with them 2 - 3 times after changing those parts but they still cannot rectify the problem.

    Can someone look into my bike and could explain me the problem and same i can explain service centre guys and make things better with bike.

    ​​​​​​main problem is with chain sprocket only.

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    Topic approved.


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      Search for slip stream performance workshop. They know the stuff very well. Located in Pune, Very well known workshop for high end motorcycle.


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        Vishal they don't work on Dominar, I called up and enquire, any other lead please


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          Then you need to search for it. That's the only workshop i know. Even there are lots of people from Pune are on forum but chances are they might not be regular member. Good luck.