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Does this come across as Crazy?

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  • Does this come across as Crazy?

    I don't want to deal with adjusting the chain every 1,000 km. So can I just remove a couple of links off the chain and pull the sliders all the way towards the front?

    This way I dont have to worry about rear wheel alignment niether. I'm okay with the "Fixed wheel base thing" I get after this job and don't care about the slight change in riding dynamics either positive or negative it may get as I'm 99% a commuter.

    I just don't want to adjust the chain every now and then. First of all, does the whole thing come as 'crazy' comes I've searched online I couldn't find anything close to this idea but when I see the swingarm and chain setup, it pretty much seems naturally possible.

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    The idea behind adjusting the chain to tighten it is that, you get to know easily when the chain sprocket must be replaced. End of adjusting limit, means you need to replace them.

    If you start cutting links, you will never know the replacement limit, and you run the risk of extreme chain damage and chain snapping too as the links get weaker. Plus, the ride quality might suffer during the later days. But since you said you're a commuter, the limit of replacement is yours to decide.

    Secondly, you can't cut one link of a chain and rejoin it, you have to cut 2... Which means approx 1 to 1.25 inches of shortening, which means the chain must be very very loose before this.
    So, the plan won't work.
    At some point of time, you have to adjust chain or by your plan, run it very very loose for an extended duration before cutting 2 links, which is very tough.

    Also, O & X ring chains are supposedly tougher to cut. I've not heard of chains getting cut in aftermarket yet.

    Conclusion is, I don't recommend you try this.
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