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Royal enfield UCE350 carburetor tuning

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  • Royal enfield UCE350 carburetor tuning

    Hello everyone, I am Thonyoe the new joinee from a hill station.

    I got my RE classic 350 UCE 8 months ago, and changed the long stock silencer with a free flow one after 2500 Kms.

    I was advised to "tune the carb" after installed the free flow silencer, I my self noticed that when riding down from hill, the silencer makes some annoying "ping" sound, but the Service center here have no idea about tuning, they simply told me that the free flow silencer won't hurt engine.

    I googled online for the last few weeks, found many bike owners tune the carb themselves, I would be appreciated if any fellow XBhpian can teach me how to tune a UCE RE carb, like which screw I should turn, and how many turns, etc.

    Please also share me some light about if a free flow silencer hurts UCE or not? And does it drop the mileage? (no fuel guage, RE's stupidest design!)

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    Re: Carburetor Tuning with Royal Enfield classic 350 UCE

    Query Approved

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      Re: Carburetor Tuning with Royal Enfield classic 350 UCE

      Please refer to this link

      Also be advised that there is no air injection pipe in enfield, so please ignore that part and follow the rest of the procedure same.

      Bullet 350 have air screw and the more u open the more air will went into the engine. Simply closing will let more fuel.

      When u tune, close the screw completely then start opening slowly until u reach maximum highest rpm. It will be between 1~1.5 turns out from complete close.
      1 turn = 360' degree.

      On the other hand, a free flow exhaust does damage the engine. Infant I have heard it will kill it.

      Do ask if u have any question regarding afr tuning.

      Pls also refer to your owners manuel or google to know locate which is air and ideal screw. Ideal screw will always have spring with it. Refer to some carb tuning videos on youtube for bikes. That's also a good place to start.

      I hope I may answered your qwery upto your satisfaction level.
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        Royal enfield UCE350 carburetor tuning

        Hi friends, I am a proud owner of c350 since February 2014
        Before first servicing, it used to deliver me mileage of 38kmpl and now it delivers me 28kmpl.
        I want to know why is it so?
        Can somebody tell me how to tune the carburetor properly to experience optimum mileage and power?
        Thank you.