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150cc Import help!!!!

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  • 150cc Import help!!!!

    Hello everybody, this my first time posting on the xbhp forum, hope you 'experts help me out'.
    Ok....first off, i am living in abudhabi and i am studying 12th right now. I will be turning 17 in 2 months and i will be getting my drivers license!!
    I want to buy Yamaha FZ16 150cc but the problem is i want to know whether i will be able to bring it to india for my college next year (mid 2016). If i can, could you tell me the complete procedure on how to bring?? Should i pay the tax? if so how much? Bike price is around 7000 dirhams that is around 1.15lakhs. I will be riding in chennai.
    Thanks in advance

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    Re: 150cc Import help!!!!

    Help Topic Approved and moved appropriately.

    You want a bike just for 2 months? Well, you won't be able to import it into India using the "Transfer of Residence" mode as it will require atleast 2 years of ownership.

    I suggest you don't import.
    The last time I checked, the tax to import a Foreign Registered Vehicle was 150%+.

    Do you know what this means?

    It means, you'll be in more benefit if you dispose it off, and purchase a new FZ in India.
    Because a new FZ costs lesser than the import tax on 1.15 Lacs.

    So, you can get a FZ in India, forget about importing at all, and what you do in Abu Dhabi depends on your needs:- you may get a bike and sell it off soon, or not get at all, if possible.
    Think and decide well.
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      Re: 150cc Import help!!!!

      It wouldn't be a wise decision importing it, when you can get bikes like the ninja 300/ RC 390/ 390 duke the the price you'll be paying to import the vehicle besides, fz is available for purchase in Indian market already. According to me the only time you should import is when a particular bike is not available in the country of import. Besides Indian import law does not permit import of new bikes having engine capacity between 50cc to 500cc and you don't qualify for TOR.
      Check this link- Importing a Vehicle to India | India
      Personally, importing a 150cc isn't worth the effort and the money you spend on taxes better of buying a new bike in India and spending money buying riding gear.