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Welcome to 2020 Edition of the xBhp Forums . As you might have already noticed, the forums have undergone a major upgrade to keep up with the times. This will make the forums faster and intuitive and much more mobile friendly.

The basic functioning of the forum remains the same.

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Please suggest a Honda Mechanic in Bangalore

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  • Please suggest a Honda Mechanic in Bangalore

    Dear All,

    It's quite possible that many others have asked this question and the queries have been answered. However, I couldn't find answer to this query though i searched the forum.

    I own a CB Unicorn 150 (2013 model). I was giving it in Saphire honda service centre, JP Nagar during the free service period, but was not happy with the results. Once the free service period got over, I took my friends' advice and approached local (read 'not authorized Honda centres') service centers. My bad luck I couldn't find a reliable person ever. Always one issue or other after each service, hence ended up getting my bike serviced from different technicians. Maybe because of that I find performance of the bike deteriorating. Though no significant issues, I have a bad feeling about the way the bike is getting serviced.

    Now its time for the next service and I request your inputs to finalize on the service station.

    Thank you!


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    Re: Please suggest a Honda Mechanic in Bangalore

    Topic Approved.
    [MENTION=62616]Naveen8095[/MENTION] Why didn't you mention your city? Anyways, I remember when I was in Bengaluru as a kid, there was a JP Nagar there. Are you in Bangalore?

    If you don't mention your city in location/ profile as well as post, how can we help you?
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