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Restore Yamaha RX-135 4 Speed in Chandigarh

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  • Restore Yamaha RX-135 4 Speed in Chandigarh

    I own a Yamaha RX135 since last 18 years, it belonged to my father and now he has given it to me.
    The bike has stayed idle for well over 10 years and since then, I have gotten the piston, clutch disks and carburettor (second hand) replaced. The bike works fine now, except that it does not have much power or the riding experience that it used to have during its old days.

    I want to know if someone in or around Chandigarh would be able to restore the bike to proper functioning (both internals and exterior finish of the bike).

    Also what would be the cost of such a restoration approximately.

    And to clarify, I am a college student, I was also suggested by my parents to sell the bike and look for anything under ₹1 lakh. So I want advice as to whether I should restore this one or sell it and buy a new bike.
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    Re: Restore Yamaha RX-135 4 Speed in Chandigarh

    Thread approved.