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KTM Duke 250 MY 2017 Start problem

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  • KTM Duke 250 MY 2017 Start problem

    Hi... My name is Ary, from Indonesia

    I'm the owner of KTM Duke 250 model year 2017 since November 2017 and it ran about +/- 4000km.

    About a week ago at the morning (7 am) my duke suddenly can't start, when the ignition key turn on the speedo turn on also and the fuel pump detected normally like usual, thereis no error message displayed and all indicator show normal status.

    But when the starter button pressed, only "tick" sound out, that the first try
    Second try also, at the third try the speedo turn off and show code JP_5.0.4.

    After that, when I try to turn on ignition key the speedo stay off
    Then I leave it (with ignition off and no key plugged) to work.

    At the evening (5 pm) I try to turn on ignition key, the speedo turn on and the fuel pump detected normally,
    again I try to press the starter then speedo turn off.

    I try to check the voltage of battery it show 12.79 V, and then check the capacity with battery charger, unfortunately the battery only show 23 mAh (from 8000 Ah) and even I try to recharge it can be fill up to 30 mAh.

    Based on battery check result I do to replace with the new one.
    Motobatt MBTX9U (12 V, 10.5 Ah).

    Again the JP_5.0.4 show up when the battery connected with the positive & negative terminals at the first time.

    Unfortunately even I do replace the battery, the speedo can't turn on, so I decide to leave it.

    At the tomorrow morning (it means more than 10 hours from the las try) I try to turn on the ignition key, fortunately the speedo turn on also the fuel pump detected normally.
    This time I'm not press the starter button, but I try to push the motorbike with the 3rd gear position and the bike came running.

    I go to ride the motorbike around 30 minutes/ 20km.

    When I arrived back at home, I do turn off the engine by press kill switch and turn off the ignition key.
    And then try to turn it on again, evertyhing looks normal.

    This time I try to press the starter button,
    first try the speedo looks like restarted (indicated by the fuel pump detection sound), second try also the same.
    At the third the engine start and run normally...

    At the evening (about 4 hours later), I try to turn on the ignition key and then press the starter button, unfortunately the speedo turn into off again
    I check every fuses are in intact condition.

    I leave it rest until tomorrow morning. At the morning I try to turn on the ignition key, the speedo turn on, also the fuel pump detects normally.
    This time I try to push the motorbike again with the 3rd gear position. Unfortunately the speedo turn into off.

    And that is the last time I see the speedo can turn on, I try to re-check the battery and the result is normal.
    But the speedo can't turn on until now.

    I try to call the dealer and they will come next Tuesday (Octpber 9).

    I will write for next update.

    Kindly please give some advice in case you have the similar duke problems.


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    Re: KTM Duke 250 MY 2017 Start problem

    Thread approved.


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      Re: KTM Duke 250 MY 2017 Start problem


      Today I'd like to share problem solving of my KTM Duke 250 model 2017

      Please check Here

      1. My Duke 250 Can't start

      2. With grounding jumper speedo can turn on

      3. Problem solved

      Hope this video can help you to fix similiar problem

      Thank you