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FZ V2 55 watt LED bulb

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  • FZ V2 55 watt LED bulb

    Hello xBhpians, greetings from Nepal.

    I have been following the xBhp group since late 2014. When I searched in google various problems of my bike and it has helped me a lot.
    I know all the basics and maintenance of motorcycles. Previously I used to ride a Yamaha FZ 16 which was so much reliable bike and I did all the modifications with it.

    Recently I brought a new FZ V2. And I have not done any mods in it.
    My problem is, I installed a 55watt LED headlight which is H4 direct plug and play.
    Whats bothering me is, does this setup will damage the wiring or battery itself?
    Please guide me on this issue.
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    Re: FZ V2 55 watt LED bulb

    Thread approved.


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      Re: FZ V2 55 watt LED bulb

      Take a look at the user manual and find out the power consumed by the factory fitted bulb. if the new bulb consumes less than and equal power to the stock bulb, there is no need to worry. You can use the new setup with out any problems and there will no bad effects on the battery.

      However if the new bulb consumes more power than the stock one, then the battery will be drained faster than it is charging by the alternator and prolonged use of headlight will completely drain the battery sooner or later.

      Previously when we used to have on off switch for headlights, it was easy to manage if the night time riding was limited. So if I regularly rode my bike at night back from office for half hour with a higher watt bulb the battery would drain but then I rode the bike during day time for 1-2 hours without using the headlight and it would recharge the battery and there would be no need to upgrade anything. But now with Headlight always on, you need to either upgrade the battery and the alternator or use a blub that consumes equal or less power than the stock bulb.
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        Re: FZ V2 55 watt LED bulb

        Thanks for the reply !
        any one in this group had done some retrofittings of such light are welcome to comment on this thread