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Yamaha SZ-R Carburetor replacement

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  • Yamaha SZ-R Carburetor replacement

    Hi Brothers !

    I have 2011 model Yamaha SZ-R which have some carburetor problem. Also the Air/fuel mixer screw Hub got damage. I have to change the carburetor. Can the Yamaha FZS carburetor be suitable for this or you can suggest me other alternatives.


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    Re: Yamaha SZ-R Carburetor replacement

    Topic Approved.


    Carburetor change is possible, but not always effective. Can you tell me why are you changing to some other bike's carburetor?

    Do you just want a reliable carburetor, or do you want increased performance? If its increased performance you seek, well that won't quite happen like that.
    Rejetting the existing carb might increase performance, coupled with some other changes.
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