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Help Needed: CBR 250R Handle Bar modification

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  • Help Needed: CBR 250R Handle Bar modification

    Hi Members,

    I own CBR 250R 2011 model, its has not been run for the past couple of years due to me not using it due to my other bikes, I thought of restoring it and running it now. Is it possible to modify the CBR 250 R handle bar. I have read in multiple threads that we can drill holes and install a flat handle bar and some have said we can opt for TVS RTR 200 clipons.

    Can you please suggest me which way should I go? (keeping vibrations at bay)

    I m from Chennai, any garages who can help me customize the bike should also help.

    Thanks for your time in answering my query.
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    Re: Help Needed: CBR 250R Handle Bar modification

    Thread approved.