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Less efficient front suspension in scooters.

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  • Less efficient front suspension in scooters.

    I have honda scooter with telescopic front suspension. They show no deformation, or other damage like broken oil seal, oil leaks, The problem is that once the rider sits on the scooter, the scooter itself sits low than normal scooter height with rider on them. Once the rider get off the scooter it rises back to normal seat height. I am not that heavy, nearly 60 kgs and tried changing oils, oil levels, springs inside the fork tube, changed undamaged oil seals. And this problem has developed others like vibration in handles, bad ride quality, vibration and noise in the head of the scooter and I think due to this the front tyre is worn out unevenly. Each time the scooter encounters a gutter or pot hole they are felt on the handle very strongly. Please help with genuine solutions.

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    Re: Less efficient front suspension in scooters.

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