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My 06' Fazer's wheel is wobbling

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  • My 06' Fazer's wheel is wobbling

    Hi guys ..
    For a Start. My bike has ran 38000 km in a time span of 3.5 years. Yesterday I changed my rear tire which was due for change for the 3rd time. The previous two times I had installed stock size on the rear which is 3.00 18". So for the purpose of experimenting I installed a MRF Zapper-Y 100/90 18" which I guess is just one size more, and according to me, the Tyre has been correctly on the wheel.

    Since Yesterday whenever I apply the rear brakes, there is this squeaky noise from the drum brake at the rear, which wasnt there before the tyre change. The brake shoes have been changed around 4k km before. Also the mechanic who installed the tire, didnt seems to have good know-how regarding wheel alignment and tightning the brake properly.

    He didnt check the wheel alignment, after adjusting the chain

    He had intitally tightened the brake too much, the rear wheel wasnt moving freely. Last night after riding for ten kilometres, I noticed a cosiderable loss in fuel efficiency hence I checked the rear wheel, and it had heated up a lot, which is very unusual, So I ended up loosening the brake slighly, but now there is this squeaky noise.

    Secondly, after tyre change, my handlebar started getting locked at certain positions, hence while turning, I had to apply more effort to bring the bike to a straight position, this was tightened by a mechanic at my last service which has been done 250km back, I had told him to change the cone set for handlebar, but he ended up applying some grease and tightening the handlebar. Before this service, the problem I was facing was that, when I applied the front brake, there was this kat-kat noise from handlebar. I had got this checked at SC also, n they recommened the procedure followed by the above mechanic or just to change cone set.

    Now Today I went to the third mechanic, whos garage is quite close to my house and also because the first mechanic (hes the better one of the two) was closed today, also the SC wasnt funtional today.
    He has loosened the handlebar, so now there isnt a problem with the handling which was getting locked in certain positions, but the kat-kat sound is back.

    Also tonight I noticed a slight wobble from the front wheel, I checked the wheel by rotating the wheel in forward direction, and noticed that the wheel is shaking slightly.

    Please Help ME

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      Like you are doubting, maybe the steering cone is loosely set or could be worn out.
      Also check the front wheel bearings. You can check them yourself by placing the bike on mainstand, move the wheel left&right with your hand. If it does, it might mean the bearings are gone.
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        Thread locked.
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