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starting problem in bullet 350

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  • starting problem in bullet 350

    bike: bullet350 std
    model: 1985

    1.Every morning when i start my bike.. it takes several kicks..
    and the choke should also be kept in ON position.
    i don no why.. can any one give some suggestions.

    it has a 6volt battery...

    2. Also the milage is very low around 15-20 kms/ltr..

    i already invested 15k in repairing it..
    also i want to know a good bullet mechanic in bangalore..

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    Wow, your fuel efficiency is like that of the R1. Oh, that feeling of kicking the Bullet every morning. Keep kicking keep kicking keep kicking. I have done it for over 2.5L kilometres! Which is why I have calves like Arnold!!!

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      With the temperatures dropping you may need to use the choke to start the bike every morning. The low mileage can be due to a variety of reasons from a slipping clutch, spark plug, work chain/sprockets, engine condition and so on...only a decent mechanic can help you out.

      Avoid the "specialists" and find the real-deal. It isn't rocket science and if you have the time/tools/patience you should be able to identify the problem yourself...
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        i dont know why do people really think that the bullet starts with all those so many kicks. if every thing is fine with the bullet and its on the points it take 2 kicks for it to start.

        and regarding your problem you spend 15 K on the bike to repair just take it back to the mechanic and get it checked. if you want to do it your self then just check the plug and the points
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          Mine starts on 1st kick !!!

          I think Nandan is best in Bangalore, thou i ve never got it done from him. I get the work done in Mysore and the mech has done appreciable job. Earlier had given it some mech (forgot name). He had royally screwed the engine


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            okie.. does a 6volt battery has anything to do with the starting??

            what all things should i look for, in case of low milage..

            and about the mechanic..he has tooo much of attitude,he took 2 months to repair my bike..
            i was helpless,as i din no any other "good" mechanic in bangalore..
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              for sorting out starting problems-
              check the spark plug and clean the spark plug and check gap....
              also check battery water and battery connection terminals for rust .....