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starting problem in winter{comet}

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  • starting problem in winter{comet}

    hii , i need some tips and advice for maintainance of my hyosung 250 battery...
    its the stock one never replaced....but now in winter in the morning the self is helpless for starting the twin motor only in morning.,.i have a dry shell hyosung battery in my bike and need some help from you guys to maintain it.

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    Query Approved.


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      kindly maintain good electrolyte level in the battery... make sure the electrodes are coated with petroleum jelly or kept clean and dry...

      sad knowledge bout comet i have...i guess it comes with a carb...keep the carb and fuel tank rust freee.... use the choke while starting..if it has one..(sorry bad knowledge)

      kindly upgrade to a better battery if u find the current battery's performance going down...

      cheers..! u have a nice bike....

      RidE saFE
      My BiKe DoEsN't LeAk OiL, iT mArK's ItS TeRriToRy !



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        i am talking abt dry cell maintainance free battery....


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