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[Help]: Legal Burden...

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  • [Help]: Legal Burden...

    Hello there my friends.............I love to have your opinion on a binding problem I am facing with my '95 Shogun and I seek advice to overcome it.

    It so happens that I own a Shogun which was purchased back in December 1995 by by Dad.The Shogun has since then served us.........and still serving me,well now its going to have a full restoration job and some perfo upgrades and removal of old kits and perfo installations.But bad news struck me.

    1.First,earlier this year after a much hue n cry the Government banned vehicles 15 yrs n older in our state........a very bad thing for exotic and 2stroke lovers.It should have limited itself to Public Transport vehicles only.

    2.Second,the original registration and papers that I had for the bike dint stand the test of time and had been nibbled to dust by mice and termites !!!!!!!! The only proof that I have of ownership is the original purchase copy of the dealer inscribed on the owners manual.I have the Engine No.,Chassis No.,name of the owner (my Dad) and name of the dealer and stamp on it.

    So even if I am able to restore the full bike and begin its new life,I need help and advice on matters of how to legalise this bike.Here,at Xbhp,many people run and maintain old bikes.......much older than my Shogun,legally.Hence I seek their advice on how to get out of this fix and not to let my bike rot in the garage.Please help me to make the bike road legal again............I do have a couple of fast performing four strokes..........but I cant live widout the Shogun,I learnt to ride motorcycles on it.Hope you all will help me.
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    Query Moved and Approved.


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      replied to you PM.

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