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  • 8 Post By saquib3005

Thread: ViaTerra Raptor - Tail Bag review: It takes More

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    Default ViaTerra Raptor - Tail Bag review: It takes More

    ViaTerra Raptor - Tail Bag review: It takes More


    Would like to start with a thankful note to ViaTerra team specially Sukhi and Nicholas who have shown trust and gave this bag to be practically tested and reviewed. Thank you for handing over their only prototype which they have been working from quite some time and even for having immense patience to wait for my review which got delayed due to uncontrollable circumstances.

    Dont confuse it with a huge saddle bag which is strapped at the rear end of the 2-wheeled vehicle. It is something different, which everybody thinks but they always end up not relative to the requirement. Either we end up carrying an extra load on the tank and untidy backpacks or get bugged up carrying partially filled big saddle bags.
    Tail bags are perfect. It is mainly used to carry the exact amount of required things for a ride extending over a weekend which is less for a big saddle bag or a tank bag which is not capable of carrying because of its obvious various reasons.

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    Firstly I saw this bag on ViaTerras official FB page(in January 2015) highlighting we are working on something new. In a moment I contacted them inquiring about the bag and how to get hands on it, because at same time I was in planning phase of my Kutchh trip and I wanted to try something new apart from using ViaTerra Claw; again which I have been using for more than 40000kms on my various rides.
    Nicholas from ViaTerra responded very promptly and rather came up telling they would love to give me the prototype to test it. It was nice feeling to get a bag to test and review it. He gave me a call, we discussed something about the trip, how to get the bag delivered to my address and some details on itinerary. Soon I saw my picture on their FB page mentioned I am their official sponsored rider for month of February15. Goosebumps for a while.
    ViaTerra tail Bag was tested on ride Run to the Rann My 11 days Solo ride(5th Feb to 15Feb 2015) from Bangalore to Kutchh, exploring some historical places of Gujarat, the little Rann of Kutchh, the Great Rann of Kutch and coastal Gujarat. I used this bag extensively along with ViaTerra tank Bag and a saddle bag. This bag was used on a total run of 5200+ kms covering the 6 laned highways, some awesome ghat sections, barren land, deserted route, salt deserts, offroads of BOP Karni and far extreme reaches of border.
    Here is a detailed review of this bag and lets see how this bag came out to be.

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    ViaTerra Raptor Tail Bag: First Impression
    AWESOME, yes exactly same reaction when I got to see the carton in which bag came up.
    Upon unpacking it, I was left bit confused and puzzled, wondering hope the bag is not small.
    But, after thorough analysis of bag it was clear what all things can go inside it. I was able to imagine how much luggage I can carry in various bags and how would it look at time of riding.

    ViaTerra Raptor Tail bag is meant to be used for long runs extending to 3-4 days which remove hassle of carrying irrelative amount of other bags.
    I have usually used Rynox Optimus-I as a tail bag, which is generically not meant to be used as tail bag for rides extending for a week. Though I have been using Viaterra Claw from its very first day of launch and pretty satisfied.
    So its time for Rock-n-Rolla with ViaTerra Raptor.

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    ViaTerra Raptor Tail Bag review: Is it big?
    Yes it is BIG. One can easily vouch it for keeping it many things which anyone needs for a week long journey. Easily I was able to pack and carry 4 clothes, one tissue paper roll, a pair of floaters, a can of chain lube, extra pair of bungee cords, medical kit, a tool kit and puncture kit. Even after this I had extra space.
    It has top loading with U opening one single component, open it and you shove your hand in. The upper cover is provided with small mesh pockets where small things can be kept like some papers, cards and there is even place for keeping pen (guess one can carry it for small official trips).
    It also has a pair of additional pockets on its sides similar to conventional baggage system where one can easily keep small things from chocolate bars to stinking socks to extra bungee cords.
    One added benefit, it is expandable from its two parallel sides and can be unzipped along to have extra space.

    Name:  _MG_8308.jpg
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    ViaTerra Raptor Tail Bag: Capacity & Dimensions
    Volumetric capacity: 24L capacity (an estimate)
    Extra expandable zippers help in having an extra 5L volumetric capacity each on two sides, making it around 34L in total volume at its max utilization.

    Upper front width 12.5 inches
    Upper back width 14 inches
    Side length 14 inches
    Extended side width 2.5 inches each
    Extended upper front width 17 inches
    Extended upper back width 18 inches
    Side pocket length 10 inches
    Side pocket height 8 inches
    Back 19 inches
    Width 16 inches
    Front side depth 6 inches
    Back side depth 9 inches
    Base 14.5 inches
    U opener flip front width 7 inches
    U opener flip back width 9 7 inches
    U opener flip length 11.5 7 inches

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    <<and this is small pouch over the flip were smaller items can be kept>>

    Name:  IMG_5529.jpg
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    ViaTerra Raptor Tail Bag: How to Mount.
    This bag has got 2 different mounting features.
    1) Firstly, a very special feature about mounting is a pair of bungee cords (33inches each with good elasticity) which come along with bag. The bottom side of the bag which is covered with a Velcro supported layer can be removed from one side and have four tugs through which bungee cords can be tucked in cross manner. Thus ideally bungee cords are stuck to the bag and due to the cross placing it restricts the bag while moving.
    Four ends of the bungee cords can be hooked at appropriate place with proper tension.
    In R15v2, I was able to hook the first two ends of both bungee cords on the chassis near the rear foot pegs and could be easily pulled across the opposite two ends under the tail of bike to hook them on the plastic strap holders.
    One good thing of these plastic strap holders are that they are of very good quality and can keep the tension of the bungee cords and even extra bungee cords, which I used to strap the tripod along with the luggage. Also bungee cords are having metal heads and thus I was never afraid of quality which is just opposite of cheap plastic head bungee cords which get bent upon high tension.

    <<they have provided now provided 2 bungee cords of length 24 and 36 inches each>>

    <<they have removed this on final product>
    2) Second mounting facility is an independent pair of straps with fittings of lengths ~ 21 inches and 38 inches respectively. Bag already comes up with 4 fitting clips, 2 at each side of the bag on base portion. These straps can be strapped under the bag to clip in along with bike placing it parallel to each other or they can be strapped across each other to give much effective locking with bag.
    With help of these straps and fittings I was able to easily strap the bag along with saddle bags, and bungee cords were there to keep the bag in position. But wonder God knows why they have provided these straps of two different lengths because it doesnt make send in tightening one fitting more and other one less..
    Thus bungee cords helped me in placing and fixing the bag tightly to the bike and these straps gave added mounting feature to strap it along with saddle bags which was already strapped up to the bike.

    Name:  IMG_5560.jpg
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    ViaTerra Raptor Tail Bag: Ease in removing and carrying it!!
    It does take some time to unstrap and remove from the bike, but there is no hassle involved as every end is like plug and play. This bag has a handle at the narrow side of the bag thus does gives it a professional office bag (by looks only if all straps and bungee cords are removed). The professional look of the bag gets it more charm due to a long shoulder extensible strap provided with it does makes perfect luggage for official trips too.
    After each days ride I used to unplug the straps and pull of the bungee cord and thus by the handle I used to easily lift to carry it inside out from the place wherever I took halt. Also carrying the pair of the straps was not difficult as I used to clip in with the inbuilt holders and thus didnt get tangled around. Bungee cords also used to stay in place as it is very well covered with flip thus no hassle with it also.

    <<ignore the plug and play straps they are not available in final product>>

    Name:  _MG_8301.jpg
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    Name:  _MG_8303.jpg
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    Name:  _MG_8306.jpg
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    ViaTerra Raptor Tail Bag: Rider comfort and Riding comfort!!
    What to say about the comfort. Once placed and strapped properly it dare not to move an inch from its position (only if rider straps it properly). Rider can easily slide on his seat forward and backwards and bag doesn't even touch their back.
    Once properly strapped and hooked one can easily ride at comfortable speeds to high speeds and it even doesnt affect the aerodynamics of the bike movement.
    Even cornering freaks can easily bend to a much comfortable level on tempting corners and can satisfy their hunger as the weight is properly balanced in bag and it doesnt shake.
    It places and sticks well with and without saddle bag.
    Taller people can easily sit and step down from bike while putting across their legs over the bag without touching the bag much.
    Straps on the bag make it more comfortable from not moving to and fro on even while sudden breaking or acceleration.
    It doesnt affect riding and the load balanced is properly distributed on seat. I was carrying saddle bags along with tail bag, a tripod and a tank bag too thus the load was quite good but handling was very easy. The size of the bag is perfect which makes it to sit perfectly on the seat and thus there is no problem of overweight.

    ViaTerra Raptor Tail Bag: Build Quality.
    ViaTerra has maintained its standard and continued it in this segment with the same quality in preparing the bag. All the components are properly placed with very easy to handle. It is properly designed and eve the expansion of bag is properly placed such that it keeps the equilibrium and balance in design. Mesh pockets do add the aesthetics giving options to keep loose papers, maps and even small compass. Zippers are properly placed and are very swift to handle. But there isnt any padding on any side of the bag.

    ViaTerra Raptor Tail Bag review: Expectations or changes.
    No I dont want to have any change rather would have something more. Since it was prototype bag I am expecting same YKK sliders and YKK zipper chain with non-metal pullers as similar to Fly tank bag.
    Also expecting a good rain-cover for this too which will be helpful even after using the extensible components.
    Didnt get the concept of giving straps of different lengths!!! [lets see what they ] If possible they can be made of same length.
    Also there were two velcro on the lower flip of the bag, but didnt find there any purpose [they have added on top in the end product].
    If there are plans to make variation to this bag can there be a single extensible part at the bottom instead of two expandable sides!! This will also help in keeping a helmet along with other small stuffs thus giving it one more feature.
    Lastly but not the least, there can be a 3M reflector on the rear side of the bag which will help rear vehicles to see the bag atleast and get an idea of a bike moving ahead.

    Viaterra Raptor's Tail Bag: Competition
    Rynox Hawk
    Dirtsack Overnighter

    ViaTerra Raptor Tail Bag review: My verdict

    ViaTerra Tail Bag is one unique and best in class product which I have used till now. It is surely a must have for long rides where you can keep almost anything for those 3-4 days. Rynox has already announced about its own tail bag but this one stands far better part from a distorted shaped mentioned tail bag.
    Best part is it is bike independent and later I even tried it on a FZ, Pulsar and on a Bullet thus make its widespread usage. Yes this is only made for solo tourers and pillion cant imagine sitting.
    One can carry several things from clothes to tool kits to floaters to important documents to even DSLRs.
    You dont need to worry how to strap it or adjust with saddle bags or about straight or up-swept exhaust either. Just strap it on and enjoy the ride.
    Again hoping for a good VFM product with good pricing and early launch.

    <<this review is of ViaTerra Raptor - Tail Bag prototype which i used and reviewed in Month of Feb 2015, and now the already final product is in market, for more details and purchasing you can visit: Viaterra Raptor Tail Bag >>

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    Default Re: ViaTerra Raptor - Tail Bag review: It takes More

    Review approved!

    Thanks for sharing. Very well compiled.

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    Default Re: ViaTerra Raptor - Tail Bag review: It takes More

    A nice review. Would be handy for people on the lookout for the same.

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    Default Re: ViaTerra Raptor - Tail Bag review: It takes More

    Nice write up! Already a big fan of Viaterra after using the Claw series. Easily among the most VFM touring luggage in the market.

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    Default Re: ViaTerra Raptor - Tail Bag review: It takes More

    Quote Originally Posted by Divya Sharan View Post
    Review approved!

    Thanks for sharing. Very well compiled.
    Thanks for approval. Glad that you liked it.

    Quote Originally Posted by krishna77 View Post
    A nice review. Would be handy for people on the lookout for the same.
    It is indeed handy, can be used as official trips also, and with added benefits of keeping laptop is just icing on the cake.

    Quote Originally Posted by ALI.R View Post
    Nice write up! Already a big fan of Viaterra after using the Claw series. Easily among the most VFM touring luggage in the market.
    this is fourth product of Viaterra I am using and kinda satisfied with the products.

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    Default Re: ViaTerra Raptor - Tail Bag review: It takes More

    It is indeed an amazing tail bag. I used it for a 5 day trip to Goa and it was sufficient for my needs. Quality and space is top notch.

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