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Richtek tyre inflator/electric pump/air compressor review

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  • Richtek tyre inflator/electric pump/air compressor review

    Hi guys,

    Here's my brief review of the Richteck tyre inflator. I bought this thing from ebay for 690 INR. Here's the link to the product listing on Ebay. The shipping was free and delivery was pretty quick - ordered on May 24, 2017, and delivered on May 26, 2017.

    There's no warranty though.

    Click image for larger version

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    The mouse was not part of the deal, i just included it in the photo to give a size reference!

    It feels nice and solid to hold on and is very compact. The housing is made of plastic and looks to be of good quality. It comes with a car cigarette lighter socket adapter and alligator clips to connect directly with your bike battery or any other battery. Also got ball inflator needle as part of the accessories.

    Very compact.
    Reasonably priced.
    Build quality seems nice.
    comes with 2 different types of connectors to connect with the battery.
    Doesn't heat up.
    Filling time seems okay, 0-30 Psi in 1 minute 45 seconds roughly.
    Has an analog tyre pressure gauge.
    Handy Inbuilt LED Lamp.

    The air outlet hose is too small, you need to hold the inflator in your hands while filling the air.
    No warranty.
    No switch to turn off the LED lamp, it turns on automatically as soon as you connect the tyre inflator with the battery.
    The main power cord though sufficiently long, could've been a little longer.

    Now the most interesting thing about the Richtek tyre inflator is that this is a Chinese product and the same model is being sold by various sellers in India and in various other countries as well with different labels. The most prominent of them being the ResQTech in India. It is a Pune based company, which is selling a similar looking product for 999 INR. They are offering 1 year warranty though. Check out ResQtech website here ResQTech Micro Tyre Inflator ( RSQ-AC101 )

    Then there is this guy on, who is selling this same product as Suaoki mini compressor
    Just search the internet and you'll find this product with various other names. Interesting. So this seems to be one of the most popular tyre inflator/air compressor out there in the market.

    So i plugged it in and tried to fill a completely deflated tyre of my bike and here's what it looked like. It took this pump close to 1.45 minutes to fill it up to 30 psi from 0, which is quite impressive for a pump of this size size.

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    Re: Richtek tyre inflator/electric pump/air compressor review

    The compactness of this inflator is the biggest plus for me. I am also looking for a compact inflator to carry along on my bike rides. I wonder if it would be able to deliver in the long run. Could you please mention about the accuracy of its gauge because that is an important factor to consider, as well. Thank you for your time


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      Re: Richtek tyre inflator/electric pump/air compressor review

      Everything seems to be good for this inflator except it gets heated up pretty soon.