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Product Review: Crampbuster

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    Originally posted by ravisanjeevk View Post
    Nice product. We got this one from E-bay at Rs 500/unit. If anybody is intrested, let me know I will get the details from a friends of our's who got this in bulk.
    .. Isn't that me, ravi?? Just kidding..

    @ all- yeah we got 7 crampbusters for 500+.. very good product. used twice on long rides and as the product name is, it actually busts out the cramp.. or you call call it cramp free..

    P.S- not adviced for city rides


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      I have some doubts about the working of this product:

      Does it get locked with the accelerator. If yes, it should get locked at a comfortable angle where u want the bike to be cruising speed. So that u can put optimum pressure on the cramp-buster. But it will be surely pointing in upward direction when the throttle is released. Thus it should be difficult to control the bike in slow speeds as the device will be pointing upwards and it will be difficult to hold the throttle.

      Correct me if am wrong about the working of this product.


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        Cramp Busters
        Nice innovation. Why didn't i Think of developing that.

        I think i should make one myself
        Helmets On +
        High-Beams Off And
        Only Headphones I need is my Exhaust!!


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          The ideal position of cramp buster at 'zero position' i.e. no throttle applied position is the one where your hand grips the throttle and breaks comfortably. When you press the crampbuster down, you are actually pushing your hand down away from brakes, so when you need to apply brakes, you lift up your hand and throttle returns to zero position.

          Cramp buster is supposed to be used when you hold the throttle at constant position for long time, say on a highway or even in an empty ghaat. It is not supposed to be used in situations where you require quick control of the brakes.

          In case of emergency situation when the default position of the crampbuster is upward, I slide my hand to the right and see to it that while braking I am not pressing the crampbuster!


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            nice product..would like to use one..lemme see if i can get one for me as well..
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              Re: Product Review: Crampbuster

              The crampbuster works as advertised. It comes into its own on long highway rides where you don't expect to vary your speed.

              Really came in handy while doing my saddlesore 1600 run when i was cruising at 90 kmph and when you hit traffic when you need to modulate the throttle, just push it up and out of the way till the tongue points down.

              Got mine from the Bikingspirit store off Brigade road in Bangalore. They have both the narrow and the wide versions on display, seling for Rs 750.


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                Re: Product Review: Crampbuster

                does the CB1/CB2 work for the Royal Enfield?
                Our bikes can go from 0 - Stupid in less than "I wonder if this will be a good idea"


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                  Re: Product Review: Crampbuster

                  I don't see any reason it shouldn't work with your throttle grip, unless you have abnormally thick aftermarket grips installed. For reference see the diameter of a stock Pulsar 220 throttle grip on which the CB1 is a perfect fit the CB2 is the same just a larger palm rest area


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                    Re: Product Review: Crampbuster

                    I want! I need!
                    Last road trips was suffering so much from right hand cramping.

                    Read abt this little thingy a while ago (4-5 years) but did not pay real attention till recently, also could not get it at that time as eBay was not option for me back then. Now however, I find that it would be VERY useful. PM me a link to eBay item if you don't mind!

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