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Hero Honda CD Dawn

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  • [Ownership Thread]: Hero Honda CD Dawn

    Hi biker bros after a rather terrifying () round of 12th results, running hither and thither to colleges, eyes glued to the net for daily updates, blah, blah, my life is finally settled and VOILA ! here also comes my first baby, the strong war-horse from the commuter segment of the erstwhile hero honda, the CD Dawn here were my other considerations -
    1. Honda Twister (obviously, who wouldn't like it ? )
    2. Bajaj Discover
    3. TVS Sport

    Actually me and dad had settled for the twister, and had almost booked it, but due to unforeseen events, we fell a li'l short on funds and so anything more than 50k was a burn in the pocket. hence we settled for the CD, and the "breaking dawn" was unleashed . well bike's RC has not yet been given, so right now it's just around the house that i'm riding. Pics and more details to be updated after the thread approval see you soon

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    Would love to have more of the commuter segment bike ownership experience thread.

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      Originally posted by sunilg View Post

      Would love to have more of the commuter segment bike ownership experience thread.

      Thank you for the approval sunil-ji
      @ ALL : the bike is smooth and the shock-absorbers are quite good, taking up the potholes better than my dad's platina used to, when it was new ! The SVC guys have set the idling very low , hence cold starts are quite a mess.. have to rev the bike a bit everytime i start it , to get it warmed up..! i hate that whining-kinda sound whenever i rev it, but i can't help not doing it since the engine chugs off whenever i try to make it idle.. till 1st service , i have to adjust with it. The switchgear is typical Hero-Honda, with buttons all crisp in their functions, but with a feel of bonking off if i put li'l more pressure tyres are TVS, and i already experienced fishtailing, when i braked a li'l over-optimistically on a wet road thats it for now fellas looking forward to any further advice, guidance etc from experts !
      PS : i'm not able to upload the pics !
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