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TVS reliability and maintenance

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  • TVS reliability and maintenance

    I am interested in buying the new RR310 but one thing that concerns me is the long term maintenance and there is a lot of electronics involved like ride modes, ride by wire etc.
    I don't know much about mechanics but as per my experience the more reliance on electronics the more it's subjected to issues in the long run. So I want to ask the RR310 owners or any experts view on this.
    I heard TVS isn't reliable in long run like the Yamaha or Suzuki. Is it true? Will the bike give up in the long run or cost a lot to maintain? Like for eg, I see that the stock tyres in RR310 are Michelin road 5, and it costs 15k to replace them.
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      I got a 310 since last 3 years. All i do is basic cleaning and Chain maintenance and timely services. It is very well put together, the suspension is so well sorted that it makes me wonder how good the higher end motorcycles are!

      I visit service centre much less than i did with my FZ-S. There are other capable tyres in market that cost 10k for both end combined.

      It is Rs. 3 lac motorcycle. trying to compare its maintenance costs to a sub 1l motorcycle is not right.