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Bajaj lookin to produce 250 to 650 CC engines!

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  • Bajaj lookin to produce 250 to 650 CC engines!

    Hey Guys...

    An interesting article in the Economic Times....(tho' many of you must've read it already.... You can read it in the transcript or the link below... But what makes it really interesting is... the first para...Read it again!...

    Yes it says 250 to 650 CC range... Rub your eyes and read it again...

    Well if Bajaj really does begin to produce good, high torque (required for an ATV) engines in that range...we are in for luck...

    All you need to do is plonk that engine in the Pulsar and/or Eliminator and there you have it.... the large capacity bike that you all are looking for! Can we expect that from Bajaj! Of course it will not be all that easy, a lot of chassis redesign and strengthening will be involved esp to ensure stability.

    But once the large capacity engine is in place... everything can fall around it.

    Lets hope for the best....

    Article here:


    Bajaj Auto looks to power all-terrain vehicles in US


    PUNE: Bajaj Auto (BAL), which has done well in the exports market in the past few quarters, is now conducting a study of the all-terrain vehicle market in the US. BAL is looking to power these vehicles with engines in the [u]250-650 cc range

    2003 Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTS-i (first gen, spoked 18" wheels)
    2005 Ford Fusion+
    2006 Bajaj Wave 110 DTS-i
    2010 Bergamont Tronic Sport

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    Interesting... Very Interesting.
    But I don't think it is gonna happen soon. GOd knows how long their study of the ATV market goes on and then the actual of thought of producing a 250+cc bike has to enter their heads.
    Bajaj does have it in it to do that ultimate thing but when?
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    • #3
      The'll have todo it Biju,

      Esp when HMSI rolls in their large capacity CBUs. Yam has already some line ups planned and so does Hero (Munjal) group with their proposed venture with Aprilia.

      But if Bajaj does manage to get these engines on to their bikes... it will only mean one thing....good VFM bikes.. :-) A little problematic, a little unstable...but overall good VFM :-)
      2003 Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTS-i (first gen, spoked 18" wheels)
      2005 Ford Fusion+
      2006 Bajaj Wave 110 DTS-i
      2010 Bergamont Tronic Sport


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        Read in some topic here that yamaha is bringing R1 in India, is that true?


        • #5
          & what will be the cost?
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          • #6
            read in overdrive auto mag that bajaj is comin up with a big cc bike
            smell my exhaust


            • #7
     will b cool when ATVs come in. Then why ride high capacity pulsars, better ride the ATVs on the road...just like Big B in Boom....


              • #8
                big b was on a rather small atv
                smell my exhaust


                • #9
                  if the chinese can make and moreever export them , as they are about to do in india , then bajaj can do it. No probs
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                    quote:Originally posted by duke

                    big b was on a rather small atv
                    I know, thats why I said " ON ROADS " else I would have said indoors.