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Bajaj Auto shows 20 dealers the door for 'no-show'

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  • Bajaj Auto shows 20 dealers the door for 'no-show'

    Way to go BAL.
    At last Bajaj has stopped behaving like any Government Department.
    This kind of step was due for long.
    Now dealers will be connected online so response and vehicle delivery will be faster...

    Follow the link for more details.

    Guys we are witnessing big transformation in auto industry in India. I remember when i bought my RX. The way Escort dealer use to behave was amazing. As if he is doing big favor on letting us buy motorcycle from him. I better not mention the way service engineers use to behave !
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    Definitely there is a transformation from a manufacturer's market to a buyer's market. Now you can buy bikes with minimum or zero waiting period. I remember 1996 when I had to pay the full amount for my Samurai 2 months in advance. Slowly we should be able to see the quality of service improving too. Good for us bikers


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      i remember as a kid ppl telling bout booking a RD.then a long wait followed by crappy service.then wait time for rx 100 etc.seems like gone by era now.
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        None of the good bikes have good service back-up...... err, by good bikes I meant the RD, the Enfields and the Pulsars.
        Some men have thousands of reasons why they cannot do, what they need is one reason why they can.


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          Now bajaj should do something to speed up servicing ques too....

          In current times...Customer is King in any market that u look at...

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            i remember the waiting period for a particular model of LML scooter was 7 years!!!!

            My grandpa booked for my mother . The actual delivery letter came some 6 years after his death.[B)] After booking he died of heart attack in the year 1983
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              yup...u r right dad had booked his scooter in 1975 and got it in 79...
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                my dad got his bajaj chetak through some juggad under ministry quota,still he had 2 wait 4 six months[:0]
                and now due to dropping demand 4 scooters i think phone call to bajaj showroom wod do.
                my uncle took the test ride of ikon and then said car is good but but its difficult 2 park inside his house.
                next day sales person took ikon to his house 2 his to show that it can parked easily there.


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                  And where are those guys who say only Hero Honda fleeces customers ? Bajaj has done its share of fleecing too , and my dad had to wait for long time for his Chetak as well .

                  They're all here to make money , and will do so any how : principles be damned .
                  Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time he will pick himself up and continue on.


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                    Don't scream folks. Those were the days when India was experimenting with socialism/communism and in if you're still crying about TWO-WHEELERS (the luxury items of the day), take this-

                    1. You couldn't get sugar in open markets! around 5kg/family/month was the quota... ditto for most food grains.

                    2. Kerosene was available only on quota as late as 96.

                    3. For getting a HMT watch, you needed to go to the shop, get into line, book one and after around 2 months (yeah) you needed to get into a line to get the delivery!

                    4. In and around 1984, the awakening started. Capitalism was slowly creeping in and govt finally moved in to realize the dream of a "Junta Car"... hitherto known as "Maruti-Suzuki 800 Standard". I remember the doctor couples that used to live downstairs bought one in 1986... for 64k!!

                    Guys in last 50 years, our country has totally transformed.
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                      hmm yes , 50 years and the change is astonishing for sure ( no I am not that old ! )...wonder what nxt 50 will be ?
                      Man will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time he will pick himself up and continue on.


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                        There was not much diff between india and china till 1979.

                        when you look at them now , only then do we realise how much better we could have done had we been a little less and less corrupt etc etc....
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                 point comparing India with other use of ifs and buts here.
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                            way to go BAL... i find some bal dealers to be haughty[xx(]..thnk they knw every thing..esp rahul bajaj(my opinion though)..this crappy attitude ought to change..
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                              reminds me of the Pune -chakan trip , i literally bugged the hell outa the r&d guys of bajaj about their service in Bombay esp. their dealer VIP automobiles khar,bombay, i told them the service by that paticular dealer is soo bad ,that if u give them the bike u have to check whether they have repaired/serviced it or damaged it. i kept on telling them this...maybe it has paid off a bit..[|)]
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