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The new Yamaha R7 is here to rule the middleweight roost!

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  • The new Yamaha R7 is here to rule the middleweight roost!

    The new Yamaha R7 has been unveiled and it has got a lot of people excited and for good reason. But on the flipside, whether the particular motorcycle in question should bear the legendary R7 name, is debatable according to a lot of people. For the most part, though, the new Yamaha R7 makes a lot of sense and might just be what the middleweight segment needed.

    The R7 was a sports bike that drove people nuts especially the one that came out as the '02 model. But then it was meant to rip up racetracks and many middleweights in the past have been that. From the R6 to the CBR600RR. Another thing that's common among these screaming middleweights is that they weren't selling well and so, they all disappeared. And the few that we have left now won't stay for long either.

    So an affordable sports bike that does not feel home only on the racetrack but on the roads as well might be the shot in the arm that the segment needed. That is where the new Yamaha R7 comes in. Despite its name suggesting an out-and-out hardcore race bike, the new R7 is a far cry from that. But then, a lot of people have called it an MT-07 in a pretty dress (and it is pretty!) but the new Yamaha R7 is much more than that.

    Mechanically, it is pretty closely related to Yamaha's middleweight roadster but our kudos to Yamaha for the packaging. The new Yamaha R7 looks like a proper sports bike. Mechanically too, despite being similar on paper, the plethora of changes mean that the new R7 would feel like a completely different motorcycle from the MT-07 that it is based on.

    Starting with the chassis, the frame is a similar tubular steel design and the swingarm is similar too. But the suspension is the major differentiator here. The new Yamaha R7 gets 41mm USD forks adjustable for preload, rebound, and compression. Then there's the cast upper triple clamp and the forged alloy lower triple clamp.

    Since the new R7 Yamaha is going for a sports bike look and feel, the front end is lower and that alters the geometry a bit too. Sharper head angle and an ever so slight reduction in wheelbase also mark significant geometrical changes.

    In order to work with all these changes, the rear shock and linkage and have reworked as well. Ultimately, all these changes emphasize that more of the rider's weight now resides over the front and therefore, the riding triangle- low clip-ons and higher, rear-set footpegs.

    Coming to the engine, the 689cc CP2 engine is basically the same as the one of the MT-07. Around 73 horses and 67 Nm of torque also suggest that. But Yamaha says that the new R7 comprises of quite a few changes in the innards.

    There's a new ECU spec, tweaks to the intake ducts and exhaust along with revised injection settings. Also, a reduced secondary reduction improves both, acceleration and top speed. But the latter is also helped by improved aerodynamics. Apart from that, there's a standard assist-and-slipper clutch with an upshift-only quickshifter being optional.

    Now the interesting CP2 name actially refers to the firing interval of the engine. The engine has a 270-degree crossplane crank and this results in a firing order that resembles a 90-degree V-twin.

    Finally, the visuals. Yamaha has gone with a pretty aggressive treatment for the new R7. Its design is in line with the 'R' range from Yamaha. We have an LED headlight recessed into the air intake with LED position lights on either side. The overall aggressive shape of the new Yamaha R7 is not simply a design exercise either. As mentioned earlier, it also results in better aerodynamic efficiency.

    In terms of colours, we have two- Icon Blue and Yamaha Black. Overall, the new Yamaha R7 looks like a pretty good deal with its aggressive looks earning it a full-house in style. The engine and power figures make it more approachable for newer riders graduating from the 300cc class. Finally, we expect the R7 to be priced quite aggressively and if so, it could very well usher the middleweight sports bike segment into a new era.

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    The Yamaha R7 looks stunning. Hope Yamaha launch it in India soon. Now only thing matters in the case of R7 is the pricing. The looks are always subjective to individuals, however this design might get successful in impressing the crowd (serious buyers).
    If I'm not wrong I think the future Yamaha bikes will be coming with HID projector headlamps.
    If we see the trend, even their current models in India like MT01, FZ25 have HID Projector headlamp. Though no doubt the one used on R7 will be more powerful.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	HID projector Headlamp-Yamaha-YZF-R7.jpg
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    Yamaha R7 projector headlamp

    Click image for larger version

Name:	bs6-yamaha-fz-25-led-headlight-aa7e.png
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Name:	HID yamaha-mt-15-headlight-india.jpg
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    Yamaha recent bike in India FZ25 and MT15 , with projector headlamps