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7,000 km. 8 States. 33 days. ONE INDIA.

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  • 7,000 km. 8 States. 33 days. ONE INDIA.

    If we look back to around a decade ago, female motorcyclists were a rarity. But the same cannot be said anymore. But this change did not occur spontaneously. It has been a conscious effort by the women themselves to bring about these changes. Here we have a story of 2 women who have ventured out on an epic ride- a ride to catalyze another change.

    Elizabeth (Rinu) Riba and Rakhe Agam Dui from Arunachal Bullet Club(ABC) are the stars of this ride. In terms of experience, both of them have spades of it. They have ridden their Royal Enfields extensively in Arunachal Pradesh and other parts of Northeast India. Arunachal Bullet Club (ABC) was formed in the year 2007 by like-minded Royal Enfield enthusiasts and comprises riders from all walks of life. They are bound by a silent code of "Brotherhood" and the willingness to respect each other irrespective of gender, caste, tribe, colour, religion, creed, or social status.

    In this particular venture, they will be riding 7,000 km, covering 8 states in 33 days. The message they want to convey via this ride is that of One India, urging people to curb racism and spread love and peace. Their ride will see them cover Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, and Rajasthan.

    In addition to trying to spread their message against racism, the riders will also actively propagate the message of women empowerment. During their ride, they will be visiting schools in remote places of each of these states to educate the children about Arunachal Pradesh & Northeast India to raise awareness about the region along with the message of India being one. They will also be interacting with several Motorcycle groups across each state so as to facilitate the formation of a WhatsApp Helpline for the people of Northeast India to respond to those who need assistance.

    We, at xBhp, are glad to have been a part of the flag-off for this ride and wish them the best for their journey. We also hope that this would encourage more women to come out and embrace motorcycles not only as a means of commuting but as a way of life.

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