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CoASTT High Performance Centre to be Coimbatore's second racetrack

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  • CoASTT High Performance Centre to be Coimbatore's second racetrack

    The home of Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore is all set to get its second racetrack. Kari Motor Speedway is one of the three racetracks in India at the moment. It will now be joined by the new CoASTT High Performance centre. it is being built by the Coimbatore Auto Sports and Transport Trust in conjunction with the racing franchise Mumbai Falcons.

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    As per the reports, the organizers are aiming for an FIA Grade 2 Certification. That means it will be allowed to accommodate cars with a power-to-weight ratio of 1-2 kg/hp. This does not make the track fit for F1 but it still would be plenty to enable the facility to host F2. The track has been conceptualized by India's first F1 driver Narain Karthikeyan and Arjun Balu, who has multiple Indian National Touring Car Championships under his belt. The track is touted to feature an anti-clockwise layout with 14 turns and a length of 3.8 km.

    The facility is expected to house a CIK Grade 1 Karting track as well. Motorsport enthusiasts understand the importance of motorsport's presence at the grassroots levels and thus, the inclusion of a Karting track. With the CIK Grade 1, the track will be eligible for hosting world championship events

    The purpose of the venue, as detailed by the organizers, is to further the development of motorsport in India. This track may also end up playing an important role in the Formula Regional Indian Championship along with its supporting events- the Indian F4 Championship and Indian Racing League. The Championship is India's first FIA-graded F3 Championship. This will go a long way in creating a structure that will bolster the chances of India's representation in international racing.

    The racetrack is still in the early stages of development, so details are scarce. But the organizers are aiming to ready the track by March 2022. As for the location, the facility is being built at a location that is less than 30 mins away from the Coimbatore International Airport. Considering the lack of racetracks in India, this facility could be another addition to the growing list which is ultimately going to benefit the Indian motorsport scene immensely.

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    Great news. We need many more such tracks and sponsors to develop and promote Indian talent to the world stage. We need to attract international events like F3, F2 and even F1 in India. Perhaps one day Motogp. Stupid regulations like asking the F1 teams to deposit import duty for the value of the car to race at the Budhh Circuit is a no-go and a global embarrassment.
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