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The KTM-Brabus 1300 R, a motorcycle from a supercar tuner!

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  • The KTM-Brabus 1300 R, a motorcycle from a supercar tuner!

    If you're into cars as well along with motorcycles, you must have heard the name Brabus- a supercar tuning firm known for their insane AMG tunes that shred tyres into oblivion. It seems that they are interested in motorcycles as well and this interest of theirs resulted in a partnership with KTM; and, in turn, a motorcycle. Say hello to the KTM-Brabus 1300 R.

    As always is the case with special vehicles, the KTM-Brabus 1300 R will be limited to just 154 units. The 1300 R had been on the cooktop for a while with the spottings of a test mule becoming more and more frequent. Hot on the heels of those rumours, we finally have official confirmation along with some images and details.

    As you may be able to tell, the platform for this special motorcycle is the 1290 Super Duke R, KTM's flagship naked. The engine remains the same with around 180 bhp of power and nearly 140 Nm of torque- quite identical to the actual 1290 Super Duke R. The air intakes though are new and situated on either side of the fuel tank. The exhaust system is also different. It is not a stacked unit finished in black ceramic.

    The fuel tank remains the same along with the chassis and the single-sided swingarm. Similar is the story of the suspension system. The KTM-Brabus 1300 R features the new WP Apex SAT semi-active kit that debuted for 2022 on the Super Duke R Evo. Along with semi-active damping, the KTM-Brabus 1300 R's system gets Suspension Pro System as standard that adds the ability to control the rear ride height from the dash itself. Another cool feature of this system is its compensation for load. it automatically adjusts the preload to make the bike return to the correct height once weight is added.

    There has been a generous use of carbon fibre in the manufacturing of the KTM-Brabus 1300 R. The motorcycle features a Carbon subframe and cowl, carbon side intakes, and adjustable footpegs and levers; all exclusive to the 1300 R. The subframe helps save nearly 5 kg of weight on the KTM-Brabus 1300 R when compared to the standard Super Duke R Evo.

    Along with these, let us now discuss some features that set the KTM-Brabus 1300 R apart from the Super Duke 1200 R. The instrument panel comes first. There's a new splash screen that shows the Brabus logo. The Brabus branding continues subtly throughout the bike. The wheels are another cool addition- bespoke Monoblock Z nine-spoke design, a nod to Brabus cars. The seat is also inspired by many of the Brabus cars in terms of quality and available colours; red or black. Of course, the seats are heated as well.

    The electronics are mostly lifted off of the latest Super Duke R Evo and include; traction control, engine brake control, cruise control, switchable Supermoto ABS, keyless start, self-cancelling turn signals, tire pressure monitors, and an array of riding modes including Rain, Street, Sport, Track, and Performance settings. Then there are some additions as well such as the Brabus Suspension Pro that adds some more suspension settings such as Track, Auto, and Advanced modes with the Advanced offering 8 stages of damping for both the front and rear suspension. All of that is controllable via the dash.

    Finally, the looks. The low-set handlebars, adjustable, are the first thing that sets the KTM-Brabus 1300 R apart from the KTM 1290 Super Duke R. The round headlamp with a Brabus logo is perhaps the biggest differentiator though. Bar-end mirrors also play a part in steering the perception towards more of a modern retro look. Overall, the KTM-Brabus 1300 R has enough similarities with the Super Duke R to make it a thrilling ride but enough differences to, well, differentiate it.

    This is all we have on the KTM-Brabus 1300 R at the moment and so, you can tell that the price is still under the wraps. Considering it is a limited run, it is probably going to be steep. But then, KTM has been successful with limited edition runs earlier. The RC 8C track-only motorcycle can be an example and so can be the 1290 Super Duke RR. Both were priced steeply but disappeared. The 100 units of the former sold out within five minutes and the 500 of the latter, within, 50 minutes. If that is an indication, most of us aren't likely going to get out hands on this one either.