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EICMA 2022: Suzuki unveils the V-Strom 800DE and GSX-8S

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  • EICMA 2022: Suzuki unveils the V-Strom 800DE and GSX-8S

    EICMA 2022 served as the stage on which Suzuki unveiled two new motorcycles; the V-Strom 800DE and GSX-8S. The new V-Strom 800 DE are based on Suzuki's new 800cc mantra that a lot of manufacturers are leaning on nowadays. Both motorcycles are powered by Suzuki's new 776cc parallel twin that focuses on smoothness over everything. Suzuki has achieved that by using their Suzuki Cross Balancer, the first of its type on a production motorcycle to position its two balancers at 90° to the crankshaft.

    Press Release:

    The V-STROM 800DE was developed as an adventure model that best performs in all fields from touring to daily commuting. S.I.R.S (Suzuki Intelligent Ride System) electronic control system for various riding conditions is adopted with the G (gravel) mode in the traction control system, and cancellable ABS for the rear brake, so riders can control riding over gravel roads according to their preferences. Adjustable front and rear suspensions, large-diameter 21-inch front wheels and semi-block pattern tires on the front and rear are also adopted. While carrying on the tradition of the V-STROM series, the lines of the bodywork are made sharper with bold accent colour parts at the tip of the front cowling and below the fuel tank.

    The GSX-8S was developed with the aim to offer riders of all ages and skill levels limitless possibilities in enjoying all sorts of riding. S.I.R.S is equipped with systems including SDMS (Suzuki Drive Mode Selector) with three different output modes, a traction control system also with three modes selection, and a bi-directional quick-shift system that allows up and down shifting without operating the clutch lever or throttle to meet various riding scenes and skills. The lightweight aluminium swingarm contributes to nimble handling. The unique and modern styling, designed to lead in a new generation trend, highlights its functional beauty accentuated by exposing the engine and seat rails in addition to the distinctive short exhaust.