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Bike riding helps you keep young

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  • Bike riding helps you keep young

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    Bike riding helps you keep young

    Tokyo: Riding motorcycles helps keep drivers young by invigorating their brains, the scientist behind popular “Brain Training” computer software said on Wednesday, citing a new scientific study.
    “The drivi’s brain gets activated by riding motorbikes” in part because it requires heightened alertness, said Ryuta Kawashima, after his team from Tohoku University and Yamaha Motor conducted a string of tests involving middle-aged men.

    “In a convenient and easy environment, the human mind and body get used to setting the hurdle low,” he warned. Our final conclusion is that riding motorcycles can lead to smart aging.”

    In one, which required the men to remember a set of numbers in reverse order, riders’ scores jumped by more than 50% in two months, while the non-riders’ marks deteriorated slightly. The riders also said they made fewer mistakes. AFP
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    News Approved.


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      Originally posted by HydBiker View Post
      Ofcourse!! While you are driving you are actually feeling comfortable, non aware of the outside elements. You dont have to contantly check , monitor your enviroments coz you know you are not going to fall off. But in bike, somewhere in our conscious mind we do keep a check of our surroundings, the road ahead so as to avoid a fall.

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        Am I gonna ride more and more from now?
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          Something concrete to show to bike-hating parents/spouse/gf/bf



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            Originally posted by ravi@17bhp View Post
            Am I gonna ride more and more from now?
            see, old age is showing upon you and you are trying to hide it

            psst: same thought here. where going for week-end?


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              The ones like me stand vindicated

              I did read this in HT. Thanks for putting it up @Hydbiker.
              I don't let my motorcycles interfere with my motorcycling...

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                hehe but i also read somewhere that riding too much bike and little vibes on tank reduce your sperm counts dunno if its a myth, many guys at college used to say so
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                  Alright finally it is out in the open. Nothing better to clear your head of the cobwebs than an early morning ride to the hills. Yes, IMHO riding in traffic certainly keeps one alert, especially in our urban maelstrom. Biking also keeps one in physical shape, especially long distance touring.


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                    Had plenty of discussions on this very topic with my dad ages ago. Im happy that this benefit of riding bikes has been scietifically proven.

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                      Originally posted by Mindgrinder View Post
                      hehe but i also read somewhere that riding too much bike and little vibes on tank reduce your sperm counts dunno if its a myth, many guys at college used to say so
                      I think it's a myth. WTH? I mean, if this was true then all the RE & Pulsar riders would have been impotent by now...

                      We have "1 lac+ kms on Pulsar/ RE" riders and they can reproduce! Even I can, I think...
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                        I am gonna show this to my dad

                        Awesome indian military

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                          Good. I knew that all along. I know I can die old ....young! Yeah! Like it!
                          Good thread.
                          History... it's just one bloody thing after the other!