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2017 Hayabusa Drawings Show Radical Lightweight Frame

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  • 2017 Hayabusa Drawings Show Radical Lightweight Frame

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    Re: 2017 Hayabusa Drawings Show Radical Lightweight Frame

    Welcome move anyday. Personally, this bike reminds me of 2 of us, who left the rest of us, while we kept shouting 'legend, legend'... It actually is a legendary bike, though.

    Anyhow, with about a 60 kgs difference between GSX1000R and Hayabusa, yes, this bike can use better weight.
    Personally, I wouldn't mind if the existing GSX-R is expanded in both bore and stroke, to arrive at a new engine capacity, even if it is just 1200cc or so, as long as the weight is good... Although, when they go up against the ZX14R, I'm afraid there's not much to hold back.

    A Busa with around 230 kgs wet weight would be a great (but maybe an impractical) idea... Or they could try something unconventional like a supercharger on some capable 900-1000cc engine or so.

    And its a good opportunity to make Busa Euro IV compliant too... 2017 Suzuki Hayabusa to be all new | IAMABIKER
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