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BMW's patent hints to an electrically supercharged S1000RR!

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  • BMW's patent hints to an electrically supercharged S1000RR!

    We all are aware that when the BMW S1000RR first came out, it became the most powerful litre-class motorcycle one could lay their hands on. Fast forward to 2019, and the BMW S1000RR remains a really powerful and formidable machine. But what we have just come across is tantalizing news. A German patent application titled ‘motorcycle with a supercharged internal combustion engine’ has revealed that BMW is developing an electrically supercharged S1000RR.

    What is an electric supercharger? In mechanically-driven superchargers, the compressor is driven by the engine and therefore it continuously saps the power from the engine. Such type of superchargers are called engine-driven superchargers and an example could be the Kawasaki Ninja H2. In electric superchargers, a separate motor is used to drive the compressor and therefore, it does not take away any power from the engine.

    The above picture shows the Ninja H2 that we souped-up to 280 hp when we took around Australia during PowerTrip 360.

    Therefore, like an engine-driven supercharger, an electric supercharger doesn’t create a blockage in the exhaust system as a turbocharger does, and the problem of turbo lag – a delay between applying throttle and getting power – shouldn’t occur. Another benefit of it is that the battery of the motor can be charged when full performance is not needed. And therefore, at the peak performance, when the throttle is wide open, no power from the engine will be absorbed by the supercharger.

    The diagrams are rather… lacklustre in illustrating the tech but it goes something like this - the compressor (28), driven by an electric motor (24), pushing air into the combustion chamber (11) via an intercooler (18). There… More importantly though, with the never-ending hunger for more power usually resulting in higher-revs, it gets difficult to comply with the ever-stricter emission norms while doing that. This patent from BMW, for an electrically supercharged S1000RR, might be a way around that.

    While we are not sure if BMW will actually come out with a supercharged S1000RR anytime soon, history does give us a vague idea. In 2015, BMW patented the idea of a carbon-fibre framed S1000RR and after 18 months, we had the HP4 Race. So the best that we can do is to wait for 18 months and let’s see.


    For now, let’s just imagine what we could have done with a machine like that if the above is what we could do with one much less supercharger tech-laden!

    And this!
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