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JKNRC (JK Tyre National Racing Championship) 2019 Round 2 results

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  • JKNRC (JK Tyre National Racing Championship) 2019 Round 2 results

    Bangalore’s Sohil Shah made the most of an acrimonious but sensational battle between Vishnu Prasad and Diljith TS to win Race 1 in Round 2 of the JK Tyre FMSCI National Racing Championship here on Saturday.

    After a delayed start due to technical safety regulations, two privateers Manav Dougall and Akshay Kapoor, both Delhi, found themselves at P1 and P2. Diljith (Dark Don) and Vishnu (MSport) began at P3 and P4 and brought the race alive at the first corner itself, jumping into the lead.

    Chennai’s Vishnu veered to the outside line and smartly overtook the three racers head of him. But Diljith made his move in the second lap, shooting past Vishnu to set up a tense dog-fight. Vishnu chased Diljith relentlessly, forcing him into his first mistake in the 8th lap.

    Sohil took advantage of their engaging tussle to jump into the lead. The 18-year-old showed nerves of steel to build on it and eventually win the race for MSport. Diljith took the second place while Vishnu, after a energy-sapping contest, had to be content with the third position.

    In the JK Tyre Suzuki Gixxer Cup, Pune’s Tanay Gaikwad converted his pole position to a comfortable victory, beating last round’s winner Syed Muzammil Ali (Bangalore). Tanay clocked the fastest lap time of 1:23.750 to mark his superiority on the day.

    The JK Tyre Novice Cup too had its share of twists and turns, with Mumbai’s Aaroh Ravindra winning the first race but yielding the second to Mohamed Ryan (Chennai), when the reverse grid came into play.

    Aaroh took the second place, though, to maintain his hold on the championship. Strong contender Chirag Ghorpade (Bangalore) finished second in one of the races and eighth in the other to stay in contention.

    In the first-ever JK Tyre College Cup, David Ryan of Chennai underlined his prowess by winning the day’s two races.

    Day 1 Results (Provisional)

    LGB Formula 4

    1. Sohil Shah (Bangalore) – 20:05.863; 2. Diljith TS (Kerala) – (20:08.136; 3. Vishnu Prasad (Chennai) – 20:08.263

    Suzuki Gixxer Cup

    RACE 1
    1. Tanay Gaikwad (Pune) - 10:07.050; 2. Syed Muzammil Ali (Bangalore) - 10:07.119; 3. Sidharth Sajan (Coimbatore) - 10:15.558

    JK Tyre Novice Cup

    RACE 1
    1. Aaroh Ravindra (Mumbai) – 12:17.448; 2. Chirag Ghorpade (Bangalore) – 12:19.122; 3. Mohamed Ryan (Chennai) – 12:19.620

    RACE 2
    1. Mohamed Ryan (Chennai) - 12:11.047; 2. Aaroh Ravindra (Mumbai) - 12:17.177; 3. Udbhav Goyal (Gurgaon) - 12:20.106

    JK Tyre College Cup

    RACE 1
    1. David Ryan (Chennai) – 11:44.004; 2. Aman Chaudhary (Calcutta) – 12:07.282; 3. Sai Prithvi S (Chennai) – 12:10.876

    RACE 2
    1. David Ryan (Chennai) – 10:22.369; 2. Chetan Surineni (Bangalore) – 10:33.006; 3. Kedin Akhil (Kolkata) – 10:44.975

    On a day of intense battles and loads of drama, Chennai’s Raghul Rangasamy came out trumps, collecting 18 points to shoot to the top of the FLGB-4 table as Round 2 of the JK Tyre FMSCI Indian National Racing Championship concluded here on Sunday.

    Tanay Gaikwad (Pune), Aaroh Ravindra (Mumbai), Sai Prithvi S (Chennai), Mira Erda (Vadodara) and Ikshan Shanbag (Satara) were the others stars of the day, emerging victorious in their respective categories.

    Most of the big excitement, as expected, emanated from the LGB category, with multiple national champions gunning for glory. After Sohil Shah (MSport) set the stage for a no-holds-barred fight on Saturday with a cheeky win, it was Diljith TS’s (Dark Don) turn to bring Sunday to life.

    Beginning at P7 as the reverse grid came into play, he exhibited speed and control to steadily move up and take the first place. Raghul (MSport), who was at P5, got caught in the front pack to lose the initiative and settled for the second position.

    Raghul, however, took advantage of a similar situation in the day’s second and final LGB-4 race to win it in dramatic fashion. His fourth-place finish on Saturday was enough to give him a total of 47 points. That took him past teammate Vishnu Prasad, who didn’t have the best of weekends despite racing out of his skin.

    Vishnu also suffered the worst of lucks, being cheated by the safety car when he was leading with a big margin in the last race. He had to settle for the second position while he had already endured a sixth-place finish in the earlier race to slip down to a total of 45 points in the two rounds. Diljith, who often seemed alone in this dog-fight, was placed third with 31 points.

    Tanay Gaikwad stole the thunder in the Suzuki Gixxer Cup, collecting the maximum possible 20 points to join Syed Muzammil Ali (Bangalore) at the top of the table.

    After winning the first race on Saturday, Tanay showed his class on Day 2 too, posting his second straight victory. Muzammil clocked the day’s fastest lap (1:23.681) but finished 0.068 seconds behind in the 10 laps.

    Mumbai’s Aaroh Ravindra stayed ahead in the JK Tyre Novice Cup, by collecting 10 more points to make it a grand sum of 52, including 28 this weekend. Bangalore’s Chirag Ghorpade was second with 39 points, after a second-place finish.

    Vadodara’s Mira Erda continued to rule in the women’s category, finishing ahead of all the ladies for the sixth consecutive time. Coimbatore’s Megaa KS (45) and Anushriya Gulati (28) were in the hunt behind her.

    Chennai’s David Ryan, who was the standout performer in the JK Tyre Inter-College Cup on Day 1 with two wins, lost his pre-eminent position to Sai Prithvi (also Chennai) on Sunday. He, however, finished second to hold on to his overall lead with 28 points.

    The day’s winner Sai Prithvi S (Chennai) and Kedin Akhil (Kolkata) were tied on 16 points for the next two positions.

    Ikshan Shanbag (Satara) claimed the JK Tyre Redbull Road to Rookies, winning both the races over the weekend. He maintained a clean slate after showing his class in Round 1 too.

    Day 2 Results (Provisional)

    LGB Formula 4 (15 laps)

    Race 2: 1. Diljith TS (Dark Don Racing; 18:14.76); 2. Raghul Rangasamy (MSport; 18:14.96); 3. Sandeep Kumar A (Dar Don; 18:15.31)
    Race 3: 1. Raghul (20:29.90); 2. Vishnu Prasad (Chennai; 20:29.92); 3. Sohil Shah (Bangalore; 20:29.10)

    Suzuki Gixxer Cup (10 laps)

    RACE 3: 1. Tanay Gaikwad (Pune) - 14:18.57; 2. Syed Muzammil Ali (Bangalore; 14:18.64); 3. Shazan Khan (Bangalore; 14:32.58)

    JK Tyre Novice Cup: (15 laps)

    Race 3: 1. Aaroh Ravindra (Mumbai; 18:19.30); 2. Chirag Ghorpade (Bangalore; 18:24.87); 3. Mohamed Ryan (Chennai; 18:29.31)

    JK Tyre Redbull Road to Rookies: (10 laps)

    Race 3: 1. Ikshan Shanbag (Satara; 14:56.42); 2. Aditi Krishnan (Bangalore; 15:20.92); 3. Aryan Gurav (Pune; 15:23.78)

    JK Tyre College Cup (8 laps)

    RACE 3: 1. Sai Prithvi S (Chennai; 10:20.80); 2. David Ryan (Chennai; 10:22.73); Chetan Surineni (Bangalore; 10:46.82)