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R.I.P. Legend - Roberto Marchesini of Marchesini Wheels passes away

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  • R.I.P. Legend - Roberto Marchesini of Marchesini Wheels passes away

    We are sure that almost every motorcycling enthusiasts in the world, at least once in their lifetime, have heard about Marchesini wheels. It is a name synonymous with high-performance motorcycles. Why? Because those machines, in addition to more power, emphasize less weight and that is what Marchesini Wheels is all about. Yesterday, we lost the man behind the brand- Roberto Marchesini.

    One of the most influential names in motorcycling and a renowned name in the MotoGP paddocks, Roberto Marchesini was the pioneer of cast magnesium wheels. He spent his life dedicated to the cause of reaching higher and higher levels of efficiency and safety for the wheels. His hard work and innovative ideas have led to Marchesini Wheels being a household name among motorcyclists.

    Roberto Marchesini was born in Bologna in 1941. After his graduation from the technical high school, he started working at the local Campagnolo light metals foundry. That is where Marchesini's talent was recognized and soon he became one of the chief technicians. He became the head of the department that would develop the casting technologies needed to manufacture car and motorcycles wheels. His goal was to make them as light and as strong as possible.

    While working with Campagnolo, Marchesini figured out a way to perfect magnesium motorcycle wheels, which were being already produced but were heavier than the characteristics of magnesium would allow. But Marchesini optimized the air temperature and humidity in the casting area to prevent all possible flaws in the wheel casting. As a result, Campagnolo magnesium wheels were a massive success.

    After his stint, there Marchesini worked at Marvic, again helping the then-small company to become a major name in high-performance magnesium motorcycle wheels. From there, in 1998, Marchesini took over a small light-alloys foundry and started his own firm, Marchesini Wheels. His passion and dedication towards his work allowed him to achieve an even higher stage of technology: forged magnesium wheels which were even lighter and stronger.

    But Marchesini did not stop there and he used his technical prowess to create forged aluminium wheels which were cheaper and allowed him to reach a much vaster audience. Around 2000, Brembo acquired Marchesini Wheels and both the brands forged a further path for even more technological refinement in wheels.

    More recently, Marchesini moved to Rimini and started an independent activity dedicated wholly to the development of ultra-refined wheels only—for his personal pleasure. But still, Marchesini's forged magnesium wheels are regarded as one of the best and can go head-to-head against carbon fibre wheels and are fully homologated for both track and road use.

    An example is the Aprilia RSV4 X, pictured below, makes use of forged magnesium Marchesini wheels.

    After all that he has done for the world of motorcycling, we hope that Roberto Marchesini rests in peace. Regarded as one of the best by the bests, he will be missed.


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    Re: R.I.P. Legend - Roberto Marchesini of Marchesini Wheels passes away

    Indeed Marchesini Wheels were much sought after from the time I was a biker, from the time I can remember.
    Having lighter wheels is far much better than to have an another lighter sprung component like console or seat, the benefits are few but vital to the safety, performance of the rider.

    Robert Marchesini sir, you shall be missed.
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