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Kawasaki W175 caught on camera.

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  • Kawasaki W175 caught on camera.

    Kawasaki W175 caught on camera.

    W175 was spotted being tested on the roads of Pune city. It could be due for a launch soon.

    Here’s what we know so far

    ☑️ 177cc 2V SOHC motor
    ☑️ 13bhp & 13.2Nm
    ☑️ Expected to get twin-disc setup for India
    ☑️ 126-130kg kerb weight
    ☑️ Easygoing like the W800
    ☑️ Expected price: ₹1.3 lakh

    Earlier this year, there were rumours suggesting that Kawasaki was planning to launch the W175 motorcycle in India. The bike has now been spotted testing in India for the first time.

    The W175 is a retro-styled bike featuring a round headlamp and analogue instrument cluster. The bike has a flat seat, a single peashooter exhaust and rides on spoked wheels.

    The W175 is powered by a 177cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine that produces 13 BHP and 13.2 Nm. It is mated to a 5-speed gearbox. In India, the engine will use a fuel-injection system instead of a carburettor in order to comply with the BS6 emission norms.

    The W175 get telescopic forks at the front and twin shock absorbers at the rear.



    Source of pictures and text: TBhp forums.

    Many of you (specially so the Kawasaki fans) might not be interested in this segment as such.
    Like me, you might see the pics to be resembling a low end motorcycle, which has neither speed nor the style of premium segment. But, sadly, you'll be hugely mistaken if that's all you can see...

    Although its not a high performing Kawasaki motorcycle, it can definitely perform in the market and ensure that the dealer and manufacturer presence remains in our market.... We all know how premium sports motorcycles sell very less, in a price conscious market like India, they're probably lucky to touch a 4 digit figure at best. This has seen premium manufacturers like BMW, Harley Davidson, Ducati, etc worried in the past.

    The happiest lot must be Kawasaki owners (yes, you ZX10R, Ninja 650 or W800 owners, I refer to you) for they can be assured that if this bike makes a success, it can insure Kawasaki's presence in our market.

    I've always maintained that premium bikes are top stones of a pyramid: they shine from afar, but they're less in number, but most importantly, they need support of many, many bottom range stones (commuter bikes) to reach new heights...

    Although, I stress that the premium manufacturers definitely need sister brands to ensure that premium remains premium. We don't need a 100cc BMW, so just change the name, while the group remains the same... Why not?

    Yes, this bike is good news. Indirectly, but definitely.

    What do you think guys?
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    Indian riding = Alertness, Anticipation and Adjustment.

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    Re: Kawasaki W175 caught on camera.

    It look quite ordinary, I wish it would be priced accordingly.
    I don't understand this trend, how could someone call it a classic retro if it doesn't come with a Kicker.
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      Re: Kawasaki W175 caught on camera.

      I think this is not a wise move by Kawasaki, I think it will be a non-starter for one. I cannot think of a single good reason why they want to introduce this class in India. They can in no way beat the local competition in this category- the Honda, Hero, Bajaj and TVS all have models with better features and service network and power, with lower price than what kawasaki can sell this for. And being a retro in this smallish capacity segment doesn't make any sense unless there is a punch point, but there is none. They are not really making any justice to the kawasaki brand image in India by this launch. It will bite the dust sooner than later for lot of things other than price if you ask me.
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        Re: Kawasaki W175 caught on camera.

        Valid points guys. The price isn't officially announced yet, (its expected price) so we may expect a surprise..

        As for service network concern, things will start from the limited showrooms that Kawasaki has right now. But this bike alone will motivate more and more prospective dealers to come forward... because now the volumes will be in favour. About 100cc vs 1000cc, their price difference is often about 25 times, but the lower capacity bike sells about 5,000x more... just a figurative example of how things are.
        I remember how people used to demand for 600s in India, but when ZX6R was launched, hardly any were seen in the showroom with cheque/ cash.

        The only USP is that there aren't much retros in this category, and hope Kawasaki can capitalise on it. Many old timers might also see the Caliber or Boxer in this bike's shadow... A reliable, rough and tough bike, which gets the work done with good resale as well.

        I agree the competition is hard, but can't say anything more without knowing the price first... The same bike can smoke the competition at 85k ex-showroom, but may get smoked itself at 30k more.

        Bottom line is, if they have to live without Bajaj, such low end bikes are the way forward.
        Of course they can modify the formulae a bit, as per whatever feedback they get.. Its definitely not the bike for most of us, but it will help.

        In my opinion, they're now on the right track. But, its amazing to see not even one high end Kawasaki owner excited about this news?
        Brotherhood, Rules, Freedom. Xbhp.
        Indian riding = Alertness, Anticipation and Adjustment.


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          This falls in 180cc category. The power output feels quite low something like a commuter 150cc.
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            i always liked a retro normal bike. to me std350 is the only option. at approx 1.6L on road, it is a bit costly. pricing is a key factor. if they price it around 1.1 or 1.15ex also it looks tempting.