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Suzuki Burgman electric scooter spotted for the first time

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  • Suzuki Burgman electric scooter spotted for the first time

    Suzuki Motorcycle India Ltd has been developing an electric vehicle for a couple of years now and this month we get a glimpse at what is happening behind the scenes. The company is out testing two electric prototypes of the Burgman (evident from the lack of an exhaust system, what looks like a hub motor, modified rear suspension, unique two-tone styling & revised tail with full tire hugger).

    Suzuki could launch the Burgman electric as a competitor to the Ather 450 Plus and the Bajaj Chetak sometime in late-2021.

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    Re: Suzuki Burgman electric scooter spotted for the first time


    Nice. With a 2025 deadline for EV implementation(proposed by NITI Aayog which actually has only advisory power), manufacturers better hurry up with their electric commuter offerings. (of course, there's a big chance this deadline will be extended).

    I really think that all manufacturers should start by readying a 80k-90k vehicle first, one that stably touches 60+kmph, and range is around acceptable. Obviously with essentials like Li ion battery and BLDC motor and front wheel ABS, and no big costly feature.

    And no need to mention that they'll face hard competition (on price basis) even from startups, just because getting an electric vehicle right is comparatively a lot easier than I.C.E. and these startups often keep low costs, low margins and hence, low prices. Read the below extract from an article:-

    ""While the emerging players and start-ups such as Torque, Revolt, Ather, Kinetic Green and Smart-e wanted the deadline for the two-wheeler roll-out to be advanced from 2025 to 2023 or earlier, established players like TVS, Bajaj and Hero Honda wanted a more “business as usual” approach and said the roll-out should not be made mandatory. ""
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      I was wondering that ICE of BS6 Burgman weighing 110 curb mass. Will Suzuki increase the weight adding with the electric motor? If they do, it would the 2nd heaviest EV scooter on sale compare to Tvs icube- 118, Ather 450X-108 & Bajaj Chetak-NA. Wish they comes up with better range with a minimum of 100+. Not to mention that only Ather 450X is sale in Chennai as of Dec'2020.
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