With EICMA and INTERMOT fast approaching, the anticipation for upcoming motorcycles is running high and rumours and speculations are running amok. While a lot of motorcycles may get on with just a refresh, we can think of one that might be heavily updated. That motorcycle is the new BMW S1000XR i.e. the 2020 model of the sporty-tourer from Bavaria.

Adventure motorcycles have been ruling the minds of motorcyclists because of their dual-nature. But there are some who like the ADVs with a dash of sportiness. And for that requisite, there are a few that better the BMW S1000XR. ADV style riding position for long-distance touring and an inline-4 engine, it is made for the sedately wild ones. We can say that because the numbers don't lie and the numbers state that it is one of the bestsellers in the UK.

That said, the motorcycle is starting to show its age and in order to keep its momentum going, a new BMW S1000XR is the order of the day. Now, we are pretty sure that the new one is coming because of a reason. BMW Motorrad has already published lists of unchanged 2020 models in America and announced its 2020 colour changes and minor updates in Europe. The BMW S1000XR is missing from both of them. Now, you do not just kill a model that is one of your bestsellers and so... a new one and that too... heavily revised.

While the current model is a nifty one, both on paper and off it, some changes to the motorcycle will be welcome. One change that we are almost dead sure of is the inclusion of BMW's ShiftCam. The tech has already made it to most of the motorcycles in the portfolio of the Bavarians, so it is not a long shot to say that the new XR will be equipped with it. Another reason for it is that the tech is compliant with Euro 5 emissions rules and since the new XR will be a 2020 model, it is required to comply with the stricter emission norms.

Another change that is imminent if the above is followed is the frame. Since the engine is the stressed member, the mounting points of the BMW S1000XR and the new BMW S1000RR are completely different. So the new BMW S1000XR might get a new frame as well. Coming to the power the current one is capped to 165 bhp but the new one may have its power bumped up. Reason? KTM Superduke GT and the fact that after the Streetfighter V4, the next motorcycle from Bologna most likely to get a V4 is the Multistrada.

Styling-wise we do not expect a lot of changes because the BMW Motorrad stated that they will be looking to expand the XR range with a parallel-twin model from the F850. Given the popularity of the XR, it is no surprise that the firm is looking to capitalise on it in F850's segment as well. Apart from that, the new BMW S1000XR is supposed to be laden with tech as is the norm with BMW. Expect a lot of electronics to facilitate both long-distance riding and safety of the rider.

While currently sitting in front of you as just speculation, this is one motorcycle we believe is highly likely to make an appearance at either INTERMOT or EICMA in its new avatar!