Climate Control is a tech that when talked about, mostly brings up cars. Motorcycles have not been able to gain a lot from this tech for obvious reasons. Still, it is something that a rider can use when facing any extreme of the weather; hot or cold. The best we have are a few motorcycles with heated seats or grips. In comes Indian Motorcycle with the ClimaCommand Seat.

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Here's how Indian Motorcycle describes their new revolutionary ClimaCommand Seat:

The rider and passenger both enjoy a comfortable ride in all conditions with this innovative ClimaCommand Classic Seat. This well-cushioned seat provides adjustable heating and cooling controls for the rider seat and the slightly elevated passenger perch.
Enjoy a heated seat when the weather turns cool, and experience a cooling, comfortable seat that minimizes sweating and discomfort during warm-weather riding. This seat’s durable vinyl cover is water- and UV-resistant, easy to clean to maintain its showroom appearance, and features progressive styling and white stitching. Passenger Armrest Pads and a Trunk Backrest Pad, both with coordinated styling, are also available (each sold separately).

That is a rather unrefined explanation for the innovative solution that Indian Motorcycle came up with for a common problem. As mentioned before, the seat not only offers a heating option but a cooling option as well. There are three things that one has to care about when it comes to this tech; a thermoelectric module that drives the heat away from the rider, a ducting system for cooling the module, and Graphene.

The last one quite a spectacular material. It is a highly conductive material which takes care of heating or cooling distribution in addition to being highly flexible which results in enhanced comfort.

So instead of just channelling cool air through the tiny vents in the seat, the seat itself heats up and cools down. This is taken care of the by the first material, the thermoelectric module. It regulates the temperature of the seat i.e. electricity is applied by a thermoelectric module to a graphene material embedded in the seat, causing one side of the material to absorb heat and the opposing side to dissipate heat.

So simply by reversing the current, it can either heat or cool the rider's and the passenger's rear. With the high conductivity that Graphene offers, the heating and cooling are dispersed throughout the entire seat instead of creating a hotspot or a... coolspot.

“Despite advancements in heating and cooling for seats, we had yet to see a cooling technology that truly eliminated the discomfort of hot weather, and with ClimaCommand, our engineering team has finally solved this problem. Our thermoelectric technology paired with graphene material is truly a game-changer, and another example of Indian Motorcycle bringing difference-making innovation to the market,” said Ross Clifford, Vice President of Parts, Garments, and Accessories at Indian Motorcycle.

Following are the motorcycles for which the Indian ClimaCommand Seat is available:

> 2020 Indian Vintage
> 2020 Indian Chief Dark Horse
> 2018-2020 Springfield Dark Horse
> 2018-2019 Roadmaster Elite
> 2018-2019 Chieftain Classic
> 2018 Chief
> 2017-2019 Chieftain Limited
> 2017-2018 Roadmaster Classic
> 2017-2018 Chieftain Elite
> 2016-2020 Springfield
> 2016-2019 Roadmaster
> 2016-2019 Chieftain Dark Horse
> 2016-2019 Chieftain
> 2016-2019 Chief Vintage
> 2016-2019 Chief Dark Horse
> 2016-2018 Chief Classic

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