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Honda celebrates 30 Years of V-4 Innovation and Success

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  • Honda celebrates 30 Years of V-4 Innovation and Success

    As Honda prepares its new VFR1200 for its official unveiling, the red-wing company has set up a websitereported here

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      8 valves each! *faints*
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        The VFR seems unveiled now. So, What's exactly the "NEWS" here?

        But nice information though. I knew about the oval pistons, but 8 valves in each of them? That's great innovation!

        Let me give one news within this topic:-->

        VFR1200F Will be launched in INDIA

        The all new Honda VFR1200F with boasts of ground breaking technologies like the DCT or dual clutch transmission and an advanced 1237cc, 170Bhp engine is due for a launch in India somewhere in the third quarter of the next calendar year. Though we don’t know if the DCT variant, due to its high cost, will make it here, the conventional manual transmission for sure has got the green signal from the headquarters in Japan.

        The VFR, first launched in the 1980s, went onto become one of the most famous Honda bikes in the world. We recently rode one (the DCT variant) in its homeland, Japan and least to say came back impressed. Get all the dope on the bike and more in the next issue of BIKE India.
        Source: The VFR is coming to India
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