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Rx135 5speed lacking initial pull!

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  • Rx135 5speed lacking initial pull!

    I restored a rx135 5 speed. Got the bike running two weeks back. The cylinder was rebored to .50 piston size. Everything is fine with the bikes run. But the bike lacks initial pulling. The machanic changed the clutch plates first. The issue got sorted 50 percent but the bike still lacks the 5 speed pick up!!! I expect the original pull at the initial stage. After marching the bike the bike struggles to move and delivers power late. What it could be??? mileage is only 25kmpl now. I dont have a problem with mileage but i want the initial pick up. help out.
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      1. What are the sizes of front & rear sprocket?
      2. What is the size of carb? VM22 or VM20? Round or flat?
      3. What are the sizes of main & pilot jet?
      4. How old/new is the air filter?
      5. What is the timing on 0 to 60 Kmph & what is the least gear in which you can get?
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        ^^ must watch points...
        1)bike restored two weeks ago, was the bike given proper break in........
        2)if yes, check for any compression leak/manifold leaks/reeds
        3)any porting work tried or stock?(usually a raised port leaves bike with less initial but more top)
        4)timing stock or advanced/retarded?
        5)running premix or pump?
        6)check carb tuning/jets/needle
        7)what tyres?
        however i hope much of the things are stock, give it a proper break in, run with little more 2t oil during this period,
        a newly bored engine usually lacks initial pickup for some time.