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RX100 to RX135 Conversion. Help needed!

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  • RX100 to RX135 Conversion. Help needed!

    Hello to all 2 Stroke Lovers!

    I have my dad's RX 100 with me since past 7 years. Bike is 1989 make.
    Bike's sitting in Banglore, KA.
    The bike is in okay condition and I am planning to convert it to 135 4-Speed or 5-Speed If my budget allows me.

    I have a few doubts and questions on same:

    #1 : For converting my RX100 to 135. What Parts do I need, Ccurrently the only parts I am aware of are these:
    -Crank & Piston.

    Do I have to buy new Head as well? Cant i use my RX100's head itself? If i cannot, then is there any way to mod existing bore to fit bigger block of 135? I have read people are doing it.

    PS. I have a very good 28mm Flat-Slide Mikuni Racing carburetor on my rx100 already. Which is a bit overkill for my engine and one the reasons of my conversion to 135.
    Also I have 2-Stage wide port carbon fiber reed's already if that makes any difference.

    Please someone give me elaborate process of conversion. I want to know conversion process in detail if I am missing anything.

    Also, If anyone Is from Namma Bengaluru. The 2stroke heaven. Please help out with the places where I can get the parts required and which mechanic to refer. If you know any?

    Thank you
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    Re: RX100 to RX135 Conversion. Help needed!

    Thread approved.


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      Re: RX100 to RX135 Conversion. Help needed!

      you need to change the cyl head, clutch assly and the chain sproket kit in addition to what you mentioned, dont bother to machine the 100 head to fit the 135 , its better to get a used 135 head for 500-600 and fit it if you want you can fit the powerbox/YEIS kit too
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        Re: RX100 to RX135 Conversion. Help needed!

        My sincere advise is to retain your dad's RX100 stock condition. You cannot get back what you convert, and reverse will not be the same.

        Option for you is to buy a 4 speed RX135 bike and get all the performance stuff in and enjoy.
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