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Biker's Paradise - kodachadri

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  • Biker's Paradise - kodachadri

    After HX5 i was planning to do a weekend trek , me and friend started planning this for while and ended up deciding it is either kodachadri or
    Kumara parvatha. we sent invites to our office colleagues though most of them showed intial interest final confirmation came down to 2, with just four of us we dropped kumaraparvatha and decided to do a bike trip to kodachadri. just before the trip day those two also dropped due to personal reasons. me and my friend (pillion) stick to the plan and started off around 6 from bangalore.

    we had our breakfast at CCD tumkur and reached nagar , stopped at the fort to take few snaps and pushed off to kodachadri , the fun starts from here. it is one of the challenging ride which takes the most attention / effort from the ride and rider. you ride on big rocks , slush, mud and what not. this route is not deadly but you have high chances of breaking a leg.

    since the ride was becomming tough my friend started trekking. I pushed off and with out losing my acceleration did another 3-4 kms , stopped for my friend to catch up . meanwhile my friend got chased by a bison ! he got scared and started walking in the hills. he lost his way and started calling me, it took me 15 - 20 mns to figure out where he was finally he came out from a different peak! since he couldn't see a way to reach me he said he will follow the treak route which is ahead of him and it looks like both of this routes will intersect ,with out waiting for my answer he started off! . I started my bike did another few kms and reached a place where a trek route joined.I stopped there for my friend to join and started taking snaps it was getting darker and suddenly mist sorrounded every where , few mins i waited patiently and then started calling my friend name, no response !!!.

    3 jeeps passed by none of them bothered to stop and check out!!!, i started walking in the trek route shouting my friends name , once i reached a peak i got a response back. feeling relieved started to figure out where he was , due to fog he couldn't see me. i noticed him and started giving him directions finally he made it after 10 - 15 mins
    it is already dark and we have 3 more kms to go! somehow managed to reach the top and checked out the IB bunglow , they refused accomodation. we checked with petty shops near temple
    and they had arranged a room for us to stay. had nice food and bought some chakli , walked a bit in the trek route and had our booze watching the stars!!

    Next morning we started trekking to sankaracharya temple , beautiful and calm place . came down had nice breakfast (wheat upma ), we paid 150 for stay and 2 course food for both of us , man should i say that is cheap!
    we started our descend. we reached kollur around noon , had bath , food and dharshan and back to bangalore

    Ride: Avenger 180
    Rider : me and my friend Arun (pillion)
    Kms: close to 900 ( i reset my trip meter near neelamagala in day 1 , it was 866 when i reached bangalore)
    Route taken: Bangalore - kadur - birur - hosanagara - nagar - kodachadri - kollur - sidhapura - theerthahalli - shimoga - bangalore
    Date : Sep 27 - 28 , 2008

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      question first: the view from top of the peak in kodachadri is mesmerizing... took any pics? please upload ...

      should have been a real fun ride. bisons are supposed to be one of the deadliest animals of the wild (as per NGC!). lucky is ur friend ...
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        Very short and crisp travelogue Isac. The incident where your friend lost his way was really scary. BTW, waiting for some good snaps of kodachadri.
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          Looks like you guys had quite an adventurous trip - begin chased by a bison, getting lost in the jungle and what not. Good to know that you guys had fun! Let the pics keep coming.

          Question: Is it still raining out there? I'll be trekking to K-top tomorrow.
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            the Kodachadri is being conquered quite often. Wondering what will happen once they construct road upto the hill.

            By the way nice pics there
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              few more snaps

              I am Home!

              Another milestone..

              dark and 3 more kms to go!

              sankaracharya temple

              i am staying!
              When the going gets tough, the great ones party!