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Saddlesore on Pulsar 135

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    Originally posted by Maestro View Post
    Congrats for your saddlesore Bro!!!!
    hopefully we will meet sometime......and cherish the moments of completing a saddlesore!!!!!
    Iam all game for meeting up or how about a group bun burner??

    Originally posted by Garry_Menace View Post
    Congrats man! Its surely an achievement and more when it is done on a 135cc bike.

    Keep it up

    Anyways, I still doubt how a P135 LS could reach 131kmph
    iam as confused as u !!

    Originally posted by not View Post
    congrats man.. great work
    thanks bro

    Originally posted by Maestro View Post
    hahahaah....even i doubted until "nin" did a 135kmph on odo....(though it was on a super slope)
    Its possible but i was on a more even road but yeah thoda slope !
    Saddlesore on a Pulsar 135