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BANGALORE - Madurai - Rameshwaram - Kanyakumari - Kodaikanal - Bangalore

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  • BANGALORE - Madurai - Rameshwaram - Kanyakumari - Kodaikanal - Bangalore

    Hi All,

    Today I am planning to leave to Madhurai by Self drive(Car) with my wife. Tentative Plan or route I am seeing is as following,

    Not sure if the route will work or not,

    Secondly - Only the sightseeing written in front of the Day are the one which I know nothing else - Will be great if some one can guide me what else I should see so that nothing major should be miss.

    Day 1: Bangalore - Madurai (433 kms) - 2 Temples
    Day 2: Madurai - Rameshwaram (169kms) - Some Temple & Danushkodi
    Day 3: Rameshwaram - Kanyakumari (313kms) - Vivekananda Rock, Beach
    Day 4: Kanyakumari - Kodaikanal - Beauty on the way
    Day 5: Kodaikanal (lake, Nature)
    Day 6: Kodaikanal - Bangalore (Beauty on the way)

    Any Suggestion for the stay / food / Point not to miss / places to cover etc. will be of great help.

    Waiting for the reply.


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    Hi Bharat,

    Though we are a motorcycle-centric entity and yours is going to be a roadtrip on car, it is ultimately the spirit of touring that is the common binding factor among us. And I hope regulars to this route will help you out in planning your journey in a better way.

    Happy Journey.

    Travel Query approved.
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      Ya Sunilg Bro. I knw about this biking community from a long time and it helped me many times to finalising the itinerary..

      Hoping the same here also. Rite nw I am in Madhurai. Have to plan for nw


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        Your itinerary seems to be a well thought one, nothing to change;
        Originally posted by ceobharat View Post
        Day 2: Madurai - Rameshwaram (169kms) - Some Temple & Danushkodi
        Just check if they allow you to drive till Danushkodi without permits.

        Originally posted by ceobharat View Post
        Day 3: Rameshwaram - Kanyakumari (313kms) - Vivekananda Rock, Beach
        Make to Kanyakumari for Sunrise or sunset. If possible skip Vivekananda rock & head to Trivandrum which is just 80 Kms; its getting too crowded to the rock these days & may waste upto half a day's time.

        All the places you're visiting are tourist places & you're bound to find good eateries & accomodation per your budget & finding one will be easy.
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          After covering Madhurai and Kanyakumari, Reached Rameshwaram Island... Planning to leave for Dhanuskoti also known as Ghost City.


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            Dont be surprised to find nothing in Danushkodi may be that is why it is called the Ghost City but the view is awsome!
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              Back from amazing trip for 5 days

              - Had a taste of Desert / Beaches / Mountain / Wildlife / Religious etc etc
              - Visited to more den 2500 years Old Temple(near Kanyakumari)
              - Cantor ride of Dhanuskodi in Sand Desert
              - Love the Greenery and Wildlife of Kodikanal
              - Seen Abundant, Giants and Countless Windmills
              - Seen culture of Tamil Nadu
              - Sun Rise at a place where Bay Of Bengal, Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea Meet.
              - Stucked in night late hours without Cash and Petrol (Helped by people who understand only Tamil which I Didnt )
              - Felt the temperature difference from 40 degree to 10 degree

              A Lot of more things to be shared

              I would like to thank each an every one who has directly or indirectly helped us for completion of such a trip...

              Our trip was very enjoyable and full of fun.


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                Wow nice.

                How about some pics of the tour?
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