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2 bikers... 4 days... 1602kms.. Rajasthan..!

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  • 2 bikers... 4 days... 1602kms.. Rajasthan..!

    Hello All,

    My previous ID was not working for some reason so created a new one. And what better way to start posting but with a Travelogue.

    It all happened 3 weeks back. 2 of us, working in the same organization in Chandigarh, left our routine and charted a journey across states to travel to the interior of Rajasthan.. Alas, we did not have much time. 4 Days was a short time to make it through to all places.

    But we were fortunate enough to touch Bikaner, Ajmer, Pushkar and Jaipur during this time.

    In the coming posts I shall be elaborating on how this trip got planned, the challenges that we faced and what all transpired during the trip.

    The pics will be uploaded along with the requisite posts, so do keep checking this out for the updates..!!


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    Topic Approved.


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      Waiting, at least a teaser would have been good enough to start with!
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        wow, ROYAL RAJASTHAN.....
        waiting for the details...


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          Waiting for the first Update, I hope it comes soon
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            waiting .. u should have post a teaser pic to tease us

            lets see how the bikes behave in the ROYAL RAJASTHAN


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                me too waitinnng since long


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                  same here...





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                    Anubhav, we all are awaiting the pics & the log.. Bring it ONN!
                    Photo Gallery[/B]


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                      Hello All,

                      Sorry to keep you all waiting... Was busy with a few things so the first post is yet to be edited But don;t worry, it should be done by today evening.

                      I see that many of you want teaser pics of what's going to come.. so here goes..



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                        Chapter 1: How it all started

                        Chapter 1: How it all started..!!

                        I gave him the I-am-your-man-on-a-mission smile and started writing on the whiteboard:


                        Pata bhi hai aapko aap kya bol rahe ho?

                        True, I had my own doubts when I thought of this route. Considering that we had just 4 days at our disposal, this 1600+ kms stretch would even take the hawa out of any seasoned rider.


                        Now it was my turn to balk at this out-of-the-blue idea

                        Until that day I never knew that there are some people out there who are crazier than I think they actually are. Ashish probably wanted to get his name on the Limca Book of records for the maximum kilometers traveled or he wanted to test how far his bike could handle it. 1800+ kms on 4 days?? Even you would agree that it was over ambitious, but I said nothing. I just went along knowing that reality is very far away from fiction. What happens on the roads cannot be planned for in advance.


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                          Whoa bugger! You can't stop all of a sudden! Here I'm reading every lil' word with so much involvement and its over suddenly! More more more!
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                            Damn, you passed through my city .. The Ajmer ...

                            So, how was the experience? Now, that the trip is complete, do post a Trip Log ...

                            and yes, if possible the discussion with the boss too ...
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                              nice pics.....waiting for the trip logs....