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  • CHASING the Wild ASSES...

    Posting on behalf of Spiderweb

    3 Days
    5 Riders
    1331 kms.
    & A Barren LAND...
    this was the great, "tour de Kutch..."
    (14th-16th November '08)

    ..Wait fer the Trip-Log, Sexy Barren Pics, n some stupid but Awesome Wild Ass chasing Videos & n Last but not the least, the Wild GOAT Chasing "Us" Video...

    the Tourers:

    We Don't Ride to Malls, We dint even do Mountains, We did ONE Barren LAND full Of Endangered Wild Asses...
    Its was India's far Western part...
    "the Rann Of Kutch"

    **DAY 1 - 14th Nov '08**

    Part-1 The Start
    2 AM: Excitement was gripping my senses & Sleeping wasn't an option anymore, just 2 hours to Go...
    3 Am: I put on My gears n went out fer a coffee as I was having a Headache...
    3:45 AM: F**k it, I started Riding to Kandivali to catch-up Razor n Motor, as Motor had promised to drop Me n Razor to Fountain hotel...
    I reached Kandivali at 4:15 AM n waited half an hour fer motor n razor to arrive. We started to Fountain at 4:45 AM.
    5 AM: Reached fountain, n was joined by Anup n Artone in nxt 5 mins., F**K as they said, COS was as usual late, by half an hour...
    We Did the muhurat of "tour de Kutch..." as some fellow xbhp'ians came us to see-off... thx to them, WE WERE FULL-ON...

    Part-2 The Journey Begins
    Our first halt came at after almost 45 kms. at around 6 AM on mid Highway. We stopped n had some Biscuits, toasts n water... we started again n Opppssss...! WE STOPPED the next second, Anup had lost his glasses. He went back n came with wat lOOked like crushed n flattened frame, n guess wat it was done by Anup himself, he rode over 'em...

    Our second pit-stop came at around 7:30 AM almost after doing a lil more than 60+ kms. Here we had the roadsyd Gujrati tea n did a few snapshots.

    The third Pit-Stop came at Valsad, at a roadsyd dhaba-cum-restaurent at around 9:45 AM i guess, correct if am wrong.
    The idli was good so we had more than required n Anup found a recharge point fer his Cell (***at a DHABA???!!!**)...
    Cos took out his Lappy n xbhp got its first news on our Location... "REACHED VALSAD"

    Part-3 The BAD ROADS
    We reached Surat n kept riding... From Surat to Baroda the roads were Disgusting, with A diversion at almost every 1 km.
    We dint even had Lunch n kept riding. This route took our most of the tym, our speed went down to 40-50 km/hr. from 80- km/hr., also we were so badly tired as Sun showed no mercy. At one break we found a roadsyd chiken biryani at jst 15 bucks, me n Artone was scared to try coz we suspected it of being sumthing else rather than chicken, But Anup n team showed sum courage n had 1 plate. Then resistance seemed of no use, me n Artone, badly hungry as evryone else went on to taste it... it was Good.
    Meanwhile there was a Loooooooooooonnnnnnnngggggggggg bridge over sum river, where Artone was caught by traffic Panduz fer using his upper-dipper on the bridge in-between the midst of the traffic... LOL! (Gujju cops, they dint understand wat we were up to!)(No hard feelings here to anyone)

    We Reached Baroda at around 3:30 PM n got a breath of relief after seeing beautiful roads ahead. Me n Razor got thrilled (after riding at 40 km/hr.) n Ripped our Machines to 100+, others followed farely well n kept up with us, n we reached Ahmedabad in no tym cruising smoothly thru a few great curves...
    We reached Ahmbd at around 5:30 Pm i guess.
    Incidently we Landed up at A Red Light Area (dnt remember the name) in our search fer a gud n cheap place to stay...
    I dunno we were scared or excited.. LOL!
    So then showing some gentleman characteristics we decided to search sum other place. Anup then got some Local Police assistance n we found a decent n fairly cheap place a few kms. ahead of the RED POINT...

    Part-5 the DAY 1 CELEBRATIONS
    Me n Razor were not in any mood to have anything green so we demanded for sum Red (Chicken i mean re)... n we sent Anup n Razor on Chicken hunt which was hard to find in Gujrat, as being a veggie ZOne. I slept (coz i dint slept fer last 2 nites n riding whole day for almost 560 kms., I felt DEAD) & woke up only after the return of Anup n Razor, at around 9:30 PM n YESSSSSSSSSSS they got some good hunt, tandoori n butter chicken n some nicely cooked rotis... WE WERE FULL-ON...
    While drinking, I tried FULL-On to make their tym hell by telling them sum sad stories abt me n my ex-gf... LOL! I hope dat i was successful... Me n Anup finished more than half the Rum deposits n went on to DREAM about Kutch... All were out till 11 PM...
    the DAY ENDED on a celebrated mood...
    Guys plz add anything dat I missed...

    TRIP-LOG DAY-2... 15th NOV... FULL Version! ENJOYeeee!

    PART-1 The SunRise

    So We "the famous five" (Not so famous at all) Had Sweet Sweet Dreams about Kutch (Imagining things i mean) while DEEP asleep, We woke up at around 8:30 AM in the morning, unlike the scheduled plan to take-off at 4 AM in the morning... hehe! LOL!
    So we had our early morning tea, Thinking of the SunRise, which may had been Sooo Awesome from this syd of the world... took bath, brushed teeths, applied some moisterising lotion n we went Off...
    fer the great to be, the "tour de Kutchhh..." at around 10 Am.

    PART-2 The LUNCH

    As we dint had much to travel today, we were at REST, "ALAS AARELA THA..." to be precise. Only 200 kms to do today, we Ride slow n Smooth. After half an hour we realised that we had a lil money left n petrol is also very much in Demand among our machines... We started to search fer a petrol pump as well as ATMs, mind me dat are two things HARD to find in GUJRAT, specially on this Kutch Route i mean...
    At around 11 AM we reached a place called Sarkhej, a well developed IT town... with ATMs n Petrol pumps as well, n we even found a NICE restaurant to "HOG IN"...
    Me n Anup went to ATM (we only had cash in there! hehehe! LOL!) got some cash while others waited fer us at the Restrnt...
    This was the most impractical tym of our tour as we spent a good 2 hours there...
    Funny things occured here.
    Anup n me was Looking fer a place to download (hope u guys get it LOL!), n I found 2 Loos in there... we went IN. Suddenly jst wen I was at REST, My peace was interrupted by a LAdy yelling n bangining outsyd the Loo...
    Lady: "Arre mere bacche ko zoorke lagi hai bahar niklo"
    Me (in Nirvana): "Arre I jst came in, it'll take tym"
    Lady(not in peace): "Plz jaldi niklo baccha roo raha hai"
    Me(angry): "ARRE I JUST GOT IN IT'LL TAKE TYM..."
    Lady (yelling n banging on door Madly): "arre ye Ladies Loo hai..."
    Me (scared): Silent fer a minute... "OK am gettin out"

    I gets out n finds dat Anup had moved out n the Lady was In with her Kid...


    F**K a Ladies Loo inside a GENTS TOILET... wat the F?

    It was past 1 PM, n Anup "wat the F? 1 PM? chal lets Leave" hehehe! DRAMATIC Mr. Abraham ! ! !


    Ride to Rann was Smooth with just 2 breaks, One where Anup had a sound sleep (pics will be On soon!)
    We Reached Rann cruising Smoothly at 100+ km/hr.
    Awesome curves, sexy roads n mad traffic crossing us at fourth lane, DAMN SCARY...
    We reached a small SALT MAKING town by the name of... Kharaghoda.
    there the ROAD ended n we had the first view of those great UNENDING BARREN LANDS,
    supposedly called the RANN OF KUTCHHH... F**K it looked EMPTY n GOT NO END till the HORIZON died n vanished, still NO END...
    the DESTINY was kissing our feets thru dry free flowing winds... scorching Sun n a BEAUTY Beyond the wits, Never Ever witnessed By Me or Anyone among Us, Nothing Lyk it, ever came IN OUR SIGHTS...
    WAS IT THE HEAVEN? or the PLACE WHERE EVERY THING ENDSsssssssssssssssssssssssss............. jst gR8!


    The Road ENDS at Kharaghoda (thx Cos fer reminding the name)...
    n there iz Nothing Beyond it except fer the BARREN LANDS stretching across the Horizon...
    Our Machines went On, we were following tyre marks n were riding on them as there was no other path to be seen. First I got scared to DRAG as my Rear tyre was going some other direction n front was following some other... MAN IT WAS DAMN SCARY! I LUV MY BIKE!
    We crawled at a speed of hardly above 50 km/hr. n travelled fer more than a few 5 kms i guess n took our first PIT-STOP at Rann...

    OH BABY! It was FCUKIN KRAZY... you just go 10 mts. away from the the tyre marks n the path vanishes from your eyesight... n we were a 20 mts. away. Our BABES parked here n there Lyk WE were some No-mad tribal people unaware of the modern world n the traffic, parking or watever Rules the world follows...
    Our Back-packs, Helmets, gloves n Bikes were all in different direction parked scantily across the DRYLANDS Of the Rann! (Cos! Pics Plz)
    We went berserk, took out our cams n started madly clicking here n there, unaware of dat nothing was there except A Horizon between one dryland n an Unending Sky... It was Insane!
    Soon the MAKING of Victoria's Secret started (LOL! The only difference was dat ke Our BIKES HAD REPLACED THE REAL BABES... yes we are MAD! LOL!)
    Everyone was posing with their BABES... Helmets, n FULL-ON gearsssssss! Soon the mad act went on to become some serious 2008 Calender SHOOT... (Cos! pics plz)

    Here We went mad n started Dragging n Burnouts (but actually the rubber never burned only the dust followed with a Hole digged below the whizzing tyre!)
    After around an hour we realised dat it was getting late n we were no-where dat was supposed to be actually EXCITING... We went DEEP in the Rann, around 30 more I guess we travelled, this tym it was FAST, Dragging madly on the Rough terrain was tough n fun at the same tym, but very risky coz we were at a place "JAHA SALA EK KUTTA BHI NAHI DIKHTA..." (but dat was good na! no dogs no accidents hehe! LOL!)
    So here we are... DEEP DOWN THE RANN OF KUTCHHH...
    Just as we took out second PIT-STOP, I was Loosing hopes on the Wild Asses I came to see... they were no where to be seen, just then Suddenly... "WILD ASSES..." I n Anup spotted 3 of them at the same tym, they were just a km away, ME n Artone went INSANE n CHARGED our MACHINES directly on them... hehe! SORRY (we were not supposed to do dat)
    they ran madly, but we were FULL-ON... we dragged Lyk mads behind them, maintaining just a few mts. between us... Artone directly went behind n I chased them Parralel, BLOODY HELL they ran at Almost 90+ km/hr. (it was on my speedo)... suddenly they took a sharp turn n I went straight ahead (as breaking was not possible at dat speed there). I stopped n saw, "wat the F? Artone performing CORNERS behind the ASSES... NOW ARTONE N ASSES BOTH LOOKED MAD... We had chased them almost a 5 kms.
    Somehow I spotted a black-dot, n assuming it was Anup n gang I went back, It was them thank GOD!
    Artone came back after a few minutes after the ASSES gave him a run fer his money performing Some Bloody ASSY corners... ASSES were out of sight n Anup, Cos n Razor (standing amazed realising wat we just did), they yelled at us coz we had chased them AWAY, n these guys standing BLANK in Anger, holding their cams... HAHAHA! LOL!

    NOW wat? they wanted an ASSY PHOTO SESSION... But they were gone, to infinity n beyond!
    EXAUSTED n BORED we sat there n had some snacks... Bourbons n toasts with some water! Cos went back to his Biking photosession... just then we saw something coming towards Us, NAH re not the wild asses, it was a tribal village Boy on a cycle coming outa nowhere...
    He directly came to us n started staring at us, as we were some DEAD ALIENS!
    Anup found him interesting n he tried to start a conversation with him... AAGA-BUGAA-UUGAA... dats wat Lyk the conversation sounded to me,
    A bit combination of Alien, Tribal n Gujrati languages combined. But man the boy was speaking his own n Anup was speaking something never heared off stuff...
    We tried to ask him where to find wild asses, where to find sea or any water body n when we finally realised it was getting too late n SUN was going Under the Blankets, we tried to convience him to take us to the ASSES n then drop us to Kharaghoda, dat was sumthing 30-40 kms away! After some secret jhol by Anup, he got convienced n took us to the Wild Asses in the wild near the water... man this tym Spider(Me) n Artone had strict orders to go slow n stop a distance away from the Asses, we did that... Cos n Artone went from one side, Spider(me) n Razor went from the other n Anup went went solo from an Alien syd decided by his own self...
    It worked, the Asses dint noticed us or maybe they thought ke we were some OTHER BLACK ASSES FROM OTHER SYD OF THE WILD... LOL!
    we put our machines on rest n moved slowly on our feets... suddenly Me n Razor saw dat Anup is almost a few meters away from the Asses, Cos n Artone had made 3 Asses run on a different syd... Now the Whole Ass tribe from Anup's syd had also started to RUN, RUN, RUN LOLA RUN... WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE...!
    Me n Razor started running back, I(Spider) took my ZMA, Razor went pillion with his SLR... n we started chasing the Asses at more than 120 km/hr. jst as we reached them parallal, I slowed down to stay beside them n there it was...
    (Cos, pics plz)

    PART-5 the DAY ENDS...

    So nOW we had wat we wanted, wat we wame fer... But WE WERE LOST!
    the boy was not ready to take us back to the village where the road starts n the confusing terrain ends... So we dropped him to his cycle (DAMN we are humans n i hate dat)
    n NOW we dint knew where to go... We followed our instincts, followed traces n asked a few ppl we found on our SEARCH BACK HOME...
    Finally we found 2 bikes goin towards kharaghoda n we followed...
    Did some shoot on SALT DEPOSITS... Rode back almost 60 kms. n so tired we were, Cos was not even feeling well we decided to end our day here.
    Got one good lodge n slept some DOSTANA style... 2 double beds n 5 CRAZY bikers... LOL! Keep guessing!

    **TRIP-LOG DAY-3 16th NOV**

    PART-1-2-3-4-5 ...RIDE BACK HOME

    Yeh All in one, coz we got up at 4 in the morning n were on our machines by 4:30 AM...
    Dats how we cruised... Our average speed was almost 90 km/hr. i guess.
    We covered 600+ kms. this day n in a very short tym with all Aaram-on-the-way.
    Our first PIT-STOP was at a petrol pump. Our second pit-stop was fer breakfast at a dhaba, where poor Anup n guys were scolded by the manager fer sleeping on the table! LOL! But the tea n puff was too good.
    The only interesting part fer today is dat we did a PIT-STOP at a garage where finally Anup n Cos had a sound sleep only to be interupptted by A GOAT... A MALE-GOAT (watever its called)
    first we played with 'im n we tickled a lil n it got bloody HORNY! HORNY GOAT...
    n it literally thought of you know getting "IN"... hehe! HORNY GOAT...
    Bloody it started chasing us Lyk it was a professional RAPIST. HORNY GOAT...
    Imagine 5 FULLY ARMOURED (GEARED) RIDERS... Running n shouting away from a HORNY GOAT... LOL! It was damn funny. HORNY GOAT...
    It jumped n hopped on us on two legs with its HORNS CHARGING ON US... HORNY GOAT...
    Never witnessed such an act... A HORNY ACT... HORNY GOAT... LOL!

    After Surat, the Roads were damn sexy... fer certain reason me n Cos got left behind, Cos told me to keep up with them, I left n I had to Do 130+ km/hr. on my ZMA-R, to catch the rest of the guys who were almost 50-60 kms. away doing 100+ km/hr. (Even Anup's Ambition was)...
    We rode straight together n man the curves were so damn sexy at 100+ km/hr. cornering became a routine with me(Spider) n Razor, sorry Artone was behind at all the corners coz I luv to drag it while cornering... (hope Anup could do them as well, the corners LOL! No offence meant)... Cos was no-where to be seen. We did stopped at a certain place n Cos came In close, but we told him to ride further n we'll catch him... HE KEPT ON...
    We started but couldnt get a sight of Cos,finally we took a long halt at MANOR (almost 50 kms. away from FOUNTAIN), n called Cos, he was near n came back. We had some good Omlette n Tea there...
    Started riding back n reached Fountain In bloody bad traffic conditions with neraly poor roads as well, Motor, Calvin, Shiva n others were waiting fer us there (they did a MANOR trip dat day)...
    the TOUR DE KUTCH Ends here...

    P.S.: Thx to Motor fer his gloves, Man you saved me from dat shitty COLD from KUTCH...
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    @anup:still waiting for the pic,for once i thought pics are out but...


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      ^^^^ Nice !!! awaiting pics n trip log
      Aprilia RS 125 or Honda CB400 Vtec ..... which one will it be ??? I think its gonna be NINJA ZX 6R :-)


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        will put it here tomorrow...
        Keep ya fingers crossed...

        The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.
        ~ Spiderweb


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          For starter you can post some teaser pictures.
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            woh sab theek hai .. far western?
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              @ anup : oh so this is where u called me from.. was in bed with some nice high octane fuel !!! pics man get some more info !!
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                Originally posted by MG_Biker1806 View Post
                For starter you can post some teaser pictures.
                Here are few

                A good long ride can clear your mind, restore your faith, and use up a lot of fuel.

                Always be ready (get geared) to fall and then think of sitting on the motorcycle.



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                  Way to go.Congrats on completing the ride.

                  Waiting for rest of the pics.

                  Also laptops should be traded for cameras on weekends
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                    Nice Pics. Waiting for MORE Pics and the Log
                    Photo Gallery[/B]


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                      hey that was a nice teaser!!! waiting for the log and more pics!
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                      GOD of Speed......!!!!


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                        Hi Spider, The trip log needs to be grammatically sounding correct and also should make sense...its taking too long for the trip log to be out....

                        Razor, Nice job.....

                        Bobby, Ya man same place....called from Ahbd'...spoke to sr today he is coming on 31 Dec...whats ur plan...i guess kandi will also be there during that time...

                        Hitanshu, F&*^ off.......let the kids sarcasm the post...just keep praising

                        nbasu: ya man pics will flow...razor has passed the pics to spider and i dont know if cos has done it....however thanks for the space loads to come...

                        Darth, vola....we did it...
                        Anup Abraham


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                          Damn!!! i missed it..
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                          They are all missing on what life is about
                          You only live once so take hold of the chance
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                            @ moto: hahahahahaa :P
                            @ pics: seems like i am trying to swallow that truck whole :P ...
                            nice trip very memorable


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                              One more thing added into todo before 28 list

                              Fk Man I am envious... I am in for the next year ka big plan (if it happens post April) .... gearing up til then!

                              Till that time, I ride to Malls and chase Asses over there :P
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