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3 States,3 days, Fun Unlimited.. 1500 kms of round trip

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  • [Photo Feature]: 3 States,3 days, Fun Unlimited.. 1500 kms of round trip

    The fire within me was ignited for a longish ride since last few months. Some plans was getting its shape and i did a short ride with Banaglore Bikers to devarayanadurga.

    In the mean time there was a plan for overnight ride in my bullet club (RTMC-Rolling thunder motorcycle club) and it was falling on a weekend. Since 20th feb was a holiday i had long weekend and had to attend a pooja in Kasaragod in Kerala. But the ride was planned to a place in AP which was 320 kms from Bangalore.This is when the dilemma was started in me whether to head home or ride with the gang for an overnight ride! The choice was very tough as if i miss the family function i would have been fired heavily and mind and heart did not allow me to miss the ride with the bullet group and the unlimited fun which offers in every ride.

    What to choose now?? Until Friday night i did not know what will happen on Saturday morning!

    But the result was a great result which satisfied everyone.

    Teaser for now
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      3 States,3 days, Fun Unlimited.. 1500 kms of round trip

      I had finally made up my mind and decided to ride with the group to Belum caves in Kurnool district. For those who does not know about this place the below information will help.

      Belum Caves is the second largest cave in Indian subcontinent and the longest caves in plains of Indian Subcontinent, known for its stalactite and stalagmite formations. Belum Caves have long passages, spacious chambers, fresh water galleries and siphons. The caves reach its deepest point (120 feet from entrance level) at the point known as Pataalaganga. Belum Caves derives its name from "Bilum" Sanskrit word for caves.In Telugu language, it is called Belum Guhalu. Belum Caves has a length of 3229 metres, making it the second largest natural caves in Indian Subcontinent.
      Originally discovered in 1884 by a British surveyor Robert Bruce Foote, later in 1982-84, a team of German speleologists headed by H Daniel Gebauer conducted a detailed exploration of the caves. Thereafter in 1988, the state government declared them protected, and Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC) developed the caves as a tourist attraction in February 2002. Today, 3.5 km of the cave has been successfully explored, though only 1.5 km is open to tourists.(source-wikipedia)

      The riders started assembling at the start point at 06:15 am on 18th feb 2012 and soon after the riders pitched in we headed off in NH7 towards our usual breakfast point KAMAT Upachar after Chikkaballpur on the highway.

      After belting heavy breakfast at Kamat we resumed our ride

      The roads were very inviting and it was one of the lock throttle ride for us.

      With few sutta breaks in between we were cursing happily and re grouped at Ananthapur, This is a tricky place ever i have been and we need to take a right diversion in this town.

      After a small regroup at exit of Ananthapur we headed towards Tadapatri which was around 70 kms from Ananthapur. Few riders got missed inside the Ananthapur city and soon we were riding towards our lunch point near Belum.

      We stopped for lunch at a dhaba and had typical andhra spicy food

      We had a rider with a tatoo resembling a bar code and we had nice fun

      Few pics of mine riding( Courtesy Kishore Sir)

      We reached Belum caves and this is what welcomed us with pleasure.

      Soon then we settled in the dormitory and headed towards the caves for exploration

      The bulls parked at the resort

      The tree at the venue

      Everyone busy with clicking photographs

      Me with Kishore sir

      The ticket counter at belum caves

      The notice board at the entrance of the caves, Tourists note this timings

      We were waiting for the riders for arriving at the cave entrance and there was some photo sessions going on

      This is the cave entrance and it is really amazing. never expected the experience which the caves gave us!

      Once everyone arrived we headed to explore the caves

      This is the only place in the caves where we can get the natural light and air. Man... we realised the importance of natural light and air once we returned from the caves.. It was a mind blowing experience and we were told that one normal human being will be loosing around half Kg of his weight once we returns from the caves. The weight lose is because of the sweating. We measured our weight after we returned and trust me i had lost close to half kgs!

      The guide Mr.Nagamani started explaining us the history of the Caves and trust me he was very good in the explaination and not like the ones you normally find who just speaks out something to mint money. This gentleman is working as a guide in the caves since last 20 years and he is very co operative. He took us to all possible places inside the caves and ensured that everyone are safe and did not get missed inside the caves.

      Now let the cave pictures do the talking

      We can find such structures in great numbers and it is called as pit hole which is formed naturally

      There are several narrow passes where in for a normal person it is very difficult to pass easily

      We came inside the narrow pass and this is what their expression was once they were out!

      We went deep inside now

      There is a place called patalaganga which is 120 feet below the ground level. This is the last point which is accessible by a man.

      The entire caves are lit and there are few points where fresh air is pumped inside the caves for easy breathing.

      The below structure was similar to a banyan tree and the guide told us that till the year 2000 there were few saints who was doing meditation here and soon we wanted to pose for the photos as if we were doing meditation!

      These formations were so nice and pictures do not do justice at all!

      Inside the caves with the artificial lighting

      Getting down to pataalaganga. The stairs were very steep and it is very difficult to get down

      There is a SHIVALINGA which was formed naturally in Paataalaganga

      The water stream which is 120 feet below the ground level. The water was salty

      There was water droplets from the stones and it was very cool

      These formations were on the top of the walking passage in the caves

      Seems like a volcanic eruption ??

      The natural carvings inside the caves

      The routes are well marked inside the caves so that one does not get lost inside!

      The narrow pass where one has to crawl

      Such arrangements were made inside the caves. The exhaust fans were the boon for us

      Exit from a narrow passage

      The group who rode to Belum Caves

      I kept on seeing this statue for a long time and it was so nice feeling and had a good relaxation from the daily routine.

      We had a nice drinking session later on in the evening

      Arun Anbumani





      Kishore Sir cracking a joke

      Settling for a drinking session

      Karoona Joseph

      There was a couple with us who celebrated their 8th year wedding anniversary

      This is how he looked after the celebration


      Some fun time

      The extreme left is the care taker/manager of the resort and thanks giving session for him for the great hospitality offered.

      My Thunderbird at the parking lot


      The effects of overdose resulted in pranks

      We pitched a tent also

      Dinner at Belum caves

      Haritha Resorts

      The first sunrise of the next day

      We started from Belum caves at 9ish on 19th and had breakfast at the exit of Tadapatri. This is when we faced little uncomfortable and the people seeing 17 Royal Enfields at a time was like seeing a monkey at a Zoo.. So much curious and we were soon surrounded which made us to exit the Tadapatri town and look an alternative place for breakfast

      We exited the town and soon was followed by a police jeep. he asked us what were we doing here in broken english and once we said we had been to Belum caves and now returning back to Bangalore he was convinced and asked us to ride safe

      We found a small hotel and when enquired about the food available the lady at the eatery said Dosa and Poori was available. Little did she know that we were hungry hoggers and it was a tight situation for her to serve us. She was soon seen busy in preparing the breakfast and it was so yummy. The lady started sending the other customers saying there is no breakfast!

      After a nice breakfast we started our ride towards Ananthapur and we stopped for a quick regroup. LOL we found this!
      Re group at Ananthapur exit

      We rode rode rode and rode in the highway for a long time and took a small break near chikkaballapur

      The roads were never ending

      We stopped at a small restaurant for a late lunch

      By the time we had our lunch it was too late and i was running short of time, Started getting calls from my appa asking about my whereabouts and he was little upset that i was still behind Bangalore and it would be too late when i reach Madikeri to pick him up. I was little confused whether to ride till Madikeri and halt for the day or ride till Kasaragod at any cost. Dropped the call and informed appa that i will ride till Madikeri and reach before 10 pm. He said "OK Ride safe". Trust me these words from him are the guardian angel for me in my life.

      Exited Bangalore by 6 pm and was crusing towards Madikeri. Felt thirsty and stopped for a small break to enjoy the heavenly drink just after Maddur Mc D. I never feel like visiting any hotels or such joints for relaxing. Instead i rely on Tender Coconut and relax under the shade of a tree!

      I was running short of time and the roads were boring.(I myself do not know how many times i have rode in this Mysore road!)

      This is how i looked after riding for 400+ km in the hot sun. Remember the AP heat and boring NH7!

      Took diversion from Srirangapatna and rode towards Hunsur. This was a bad time to choose this road and on coming traffic was so heavy that literally i was finding it difficult. The reason was most of the tourists returning from KRS! Soon after i crossed the diversion to KRS the traffic was less and i reached Manuganahalli. This is a small village where most of the Kerala/Karnataka bus heading to Kerala will stop for a Tea break.

      I had 2 cups of hot tea and took a power nap which gave me a lot of energy

      This is how my beast was looking after a lock throttle ride from 9 am till 8 pm. Never tired of Riding and this beast has taken me places together without any complaints

      Finally reached Madikeri at 10:00 pm where appa was waiting eagerly for my arrival

      Appa asked how i was feeling and i was absolutely ok and dint feel tired after riding for 550 kms from Belum Caves. Had a coffee and this is when i felt like asking appa,

      Me:Appa are you sleepy?
      Appa: No, why are you asking me?
      Me: Nothing appa. It is just 10 pm and we are supposed to be at Uncle's place at 5 am tomorrow alva?
      Appa: Yes, but how do we reach that early in the morning? i thought you will be reaching early in the evening and we could have rode there right?
      Me: Appa get ready. We shall start now!
      Appa: With a great smile in his face.. are you ok? Not tired? It is still 200 km from here man?
      Me: Appa get ready
      Appa: I know you will never say no for a ride.. Hmmm... Sari start now

      The time was 11 pm by now and soon i started my ride again The engine came into life and headed towards Kasaragod. Now soon after i cross Sulya i get a call from uncle asking my whereabouts and says he has some parcel to be taken from Mangalore!

      The turning point now! I thought of riding to Kasaragod from Sulya taking a diversion from Jalsoor but after discussing with appa he said we will ride to Mangalore and then head to Kasaragod! I was smiling within inside saying more miles to go before i sleep

      Reached Mangalore where my cousin was waiting with the parcel and headed towards Kasaragod. Now i was happy that i was riding in 3rd state since morning and we reached uncles place in Kasaragod at 3:30 am!

      After small chit chat and when they came to know about the ride what i had everyone asked me to sleep. This is how i looked after reaching Kasaragod. I rode for 750 km from 9 am in the morning!

      Finished the pooja and started back to Bangalore. I had to be in office today (21st Feb) and no way i could take a day off!

      Dropped appa at Madikeri and headed to Bangalore. Stopped few times for clicks

      Found this near Hunsur. Shows the after effects of over speeding

      Found this in Elvala bypass with a bad state

      Thank to Shivaratri festival and Mysore road was free and no traffic at all. This is the first time i am experiencing such a traffic free roads in my riding history in this road of 7 years!

      Was happily cruising and reached Bangalore at 2030 hours. Thus an end for a royal ride with my royal enfield thunderbird covering 3 states and 1510 km in 3 days.

      It was a great group and solo ride after a long time.

      The link for the entire album is here

      Happy and safe riding

      Ride hard

      Lonely Rider
      RE Thunderbird Since Jan 09 onwards
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      Oct 06-Dec 08 -- Sold

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        Congrats for the Great riding experience..
        You are so lucky that your parents are so supportive with your rides


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          Thanks for sharing a wonderful ride with so many pictures to go with it.
          I am sure it was a test in endurance as well.

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          So many roads, So little time
          RIDE for PASSION

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            Looks like loads of fun & gala time; good.
            Skill is what keeps you on a Motorcycle
            Awareness + Skill is what keeps you out of harm's way
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              Originally posted by Jerrin View Post
              Congrats for the Great riding experience..
              You are so lucky that your parents are so supportive with your rides
              Thanks a lot Jerrin. Yes my dad is supportive and i update him before the start of the ride and interact with him at every intervals. These are his exact words" OK. Ride safe, Update me when you stop, Take care".

              Originally posted by Haroon View Post
              Thanks for sharing a wonderful ride with so many pictures to go with it.
              I am sure it was a test in endurance as well.
              Thanks Haroon. You are an inspiration for me Yes it was indeed an test for my endurance. Loved every bit of the ride.

              Originally posted by aargee View Post
              Looks like loads of fun & gala time; good.
              Thanks aargee. It was a fun ride and gala time at Belum Caves and later on endurance kind of ride. A total fun ride satisfying everyone
              RE Thunderbird Since Jan 09 onwards
              Suzuki Zeus
              Jan -Dec 08 -- Sold
              Honda Unicorn
              Oct 06-Dec 08 -- Sold

              New edition : BSA Mach 19" 6 Speed-- Sold

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                Nice ride and some lovely pictures there L.R. I can see you guys had a great time on the ride. Great going !! Wish you many more such Happy Rides.

                Keep Riding & Ride Safe !