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10 Bikers - 5 Days - 1750 kms of fantastic Riding

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  • [Photo Feature]: 10 Bikers - 5 Days - 1750 kms of fantastic Riding

    An Idea about a Trip down to places which we haven't seen like Kutarralam and the southern-most part of India sparked out during our chit-chats on our usual sunday monrning ast ride. After couple of weeks, the spark got ignited well and we were discussing about the dates and the places to visit this time. Sriram started with the intial draft ride plan - while Ananth drafted out a clear route and left to the opinion of other members.
    Somewhere in Feb the planning started for the ride and the rider count and other details were sorted out - soon by March 2nd week the plan was ready to execute.

    Actual Route we planned to Take with 10 bikers (8 from chennai and 2 joining us from Coimbatore) : chennai - Kutarralam - Kovalam - Kanyakumari - Chennai

    But you know, we bikers end up not sticking to our plans :-) so we the end route we took was different and which we were happy to make a change. More on when the Trip Log flows, for now some Teaser Pics...

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      Ah finally its here , keep it coming
      Stories of the open road...........


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        At last T'Log is up.
        Beautiful teaser.
        Like always write up is gonna be great!
        Keep em coming!
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          Yay! Finally the T'log started for our ride. Those teasers are really good. The trip not only happened to memorable but also quite interesting how spontaneous plan changes during the trip got even merrier. I really thank the entire group for their responsiveness and possitive attitude. Atleast have not got any explicit abuses on the face.

          Dinesh, I'm sure you would bring those trip moments come live in your narration. Bring it on!!
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            Knowing this thread is started by Bikerfas & pics should be flowing from Ananth etc, I'm rating this 5*, the least I could So don't keep the EMI flow in larger bucket pls
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              Nice Clicks, waiting for the complete write up and the pics


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                Hee Nice teaser Dhinesh, Yup bring it on..!!
                Monsoon ride to the God's own country

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                  Beautiful teasers.. Glued...
                  sigpic Coorg Episode - Coimbatore Xbhp


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                    nice clicks.
                    and the question remains why do i race?
                    every finishing line is the begining of a new race.

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                    (:)people keeps on saying add spark to life, bajaj got hold of that idea and added an extra spark to bike.


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                      awseome pics..bring the rest
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                        Nice Teasers Sir, Bring ON the Log soon.
                        Photo Gallery[/B]


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                          Bikerfas,You should've added [TEXT FEATURE] ie.,like the [PHOTO FEATURE] in the thread title..
                          Waiting for the log,patiently..


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                            Nice teasers Dinesh.

                            Bring on the trip log soon..
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